Part 2, 2021 course?

Does anybody know what the plan is for the next courses? There was no part 2 last year and as far as I can tell, nothing has been announced regarding the 2021 course (if there is going to be one at all).
I check the blog regularly and Jeremy or Rachel haven’t posted anything since October last year. Are they on hiatus? They’re still active active on Twitter, so it seem they’re still around…


Maybe @sgugger has some updates? Also hoping for a 2021 part II :star_struck:

As far as I remember Sylvain has “left fastai” (or will not be as active as before with fastai) to work on/with with Huggingface. Jeremy and Rachel have recently moved to Australia so I guess they are busy settling in before making further plans for fastai?


Thanks for the info, I was not aware of either of these developments.

which course? you guys are talking about?

Hi Tamori

It is worth going back to the other courses Linear Algebra and Natural Language. You can also hunt down the other courses on youtube. and and and



Thanks, I’m aware of the other courses (I did many of them already) and it’s precisely because there had consistently been yearly courses and regular blog activity that I was wondering what was happening now as things are very quiet.

So Jeremy and Rachel have moved back to Australia. I hope that doesn’t mean they’re going to give up on maintaining the library and creating new courses.

You can ask Jeremy next week. :slight_smile:

Open Q&A with Jeremy Howard (of, Masks4All, Enlitic, Kaggle, FastMail)

Thursday, Apr 1, 2021, 6:00 PM

The Precinct
315 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley, QL

100 AI enthusiasts Attending

Jeremy Howard joins us for an open Q&A session after freshly relocating back from San Francisco to Australia. Many of our community members have had direct experience with the courses, tools and platforms Jeremy has worked on over the years, so we’re opening up the meetup for you to ask the questions you’re most interested in. To kick things off, J...

Check out this Meetup →


Nice! Thanks for sharing!

This has been postponed to 6th May.

Yes, due to COVID-19 lockdown in Brisbane.

sounds like intresting. Want to join you guys.

Was wondering why I haven’t received any emails about new course offerings. Sorry to hear the @jeremy has relocated back to Australia, from the standpoint of new USF courses. But hope that he and his family are doing well there. Perhaps he could start new courses from there. In any case it would be great if he could give us an update on his situation, and any plans he might have.


Update: I attended the above meet up through Zoom.

Jeremy mentioned that Part 2 is still under planning. No approximate date promised.

Nothing was mentioned on Part 3 (Applications of Deep Learning) that was announced in 2019.

However, he announced that he’ll be creating a “Startup Engineering” course covering full stack software development.


I was surprised Jeremy didn’t talk much about fastai and that someone had to actually ask about what was his plans for the course in the Q&A. I don’t know if I misunderstood the purpose of the talk, but I was expecting a lot more on the future of fastai with announcements about courses, where he wants to take the library etc. rather than a full retrospective of his career with constant comparisons between the US and Australia. Not uninteresting, but different from what I thought he’d talk about.

Well, at least the good news is that there’ll be a part 2 to last year’s course.

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Great talk by @jeremy and answers a few questions about his past, and future plans In this YouTube video posted yesterday.


Hi sambit I hope you are having a wonderful day.

1 Like Practical Deep Learning for Coders registration link. Part 2 should be after this one. Registration using the MS form.


Thanks for the links. Yes, this seems to be a general community-based fastai course. Hopefully part 2 of Jeremy’s course will come after that.

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