Part 2, 2021 course?

Nice! Thanks for sharing!

This has been postponed to 6th May.

Yes, due to COVID-19 lockdown in Brisbane.

sounds like intresting. Want to join you guys.

Was wondering why I haven’t received any emails about new course offerings. Sorry to hear the @jeremy has relocated back to Australia, from the standpoint of new USF courses. But hope that he and his family are doing well there. Perhaps he could start new courses from there. In any case it would be great if he could give us an update on his situation, and any plans he might have.


Update: I attended the above meet up through Zoom.

Jeremy mentioned that Part 2 is still under planning. No approximate date promised.

Nothing was mentioned on Part 3 (Applications of Deep Learning) that was announced in 2019.

However, he announced that he’ll be creating a “Startup Engineering” course covering full stack software development.


I was surprised Jeremy didn’t talk much about fastai and that someone had to actually ask about what was his plans for the course in the Q&A. I don’t know if I misunderstood the purpose of the talk, but I was expecting a lot more on the future of fastai with announcements about courses, where he wants to take the library etc. rather than a full retrospective of his career with constant comparisons between the US and Australia. Not uninteresting, but different from what I thought he’d talk about.

Well, at least the good news is that there’ll be a part 2 to last year’s course.

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Great talk by @jeremy and answers a few questions about his past, and future plans In this YouTube video posted yesterday.


Hi sambit I hope you are having a wonderful day.

1 Like Practical Deep Learning for Coders registration link. Part 2 should be after this one. Registration using the MS form.


Thanks for the links. Yes, this seems to be a general community-based fastai course. Hopefully part 2 of Jeremy’s course will come after that.

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Jeremy mentioned in one of his tweets that he will be available for few weeks during the course. He also mentioned that part2 will come after the end of this course.


Thanks for the links.

Thanks for sharing, I appreciate that! :handshake:

thanks, for sharing.

Thank you for providing the links. Yes, it appears to be a fastai course for the entire community.
After that, hopefully, part 2 of Jeremy’s course will be released.

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to know, since Part 2 of the 2020 course is not released yet, is there a recommended path that we should take after finishing Part 1?
Does the 2019 Part 2 course ‘map’ nicely with the 2020 Part 2 contents, if yes then it would mean that working on 2019 Part 2 would be feasible.


PS: I had asked a question in the forums which hasn’t received any answers. It was about lr_find() not working well. Would appreciate if you can have a look :smiley:

Hey @sahil1234 !
I’m close to finishing the 2020 part 1.
I had the exact same question as you about what to do next.
Just wondering if you got an answer from someone else about proceeding with the 2019 part 2 course.
If you’ve started it already, could you please share your thoughts?

Was anyone able to ask? What did he say?