Paperspace setup help


Thats pretty cool , i actually tried in 3 different machines.

Minimal steps that i ensured was select west coast and run scripts via ssh and make sure i can see these lines at the end of the script

echo —
echo —

I didn’t face any issues .

For those in fear of forgetting to switch of their machines, there is this setting in Paperspace

Auto-shutdown you can set your frequency --> starts from 1 hour i have set it to 8 hours

It will automatically shut down your machines once the frequency has reached

hope this helps

(Reshama Shaikh) #105

That’s a good idea.
I updated the Paperspace instructions at end so folks know they can shut down their machine (at 1 hr, 8 hrs, 1 day or 1 week). That’s a nice feature of Paperspace!

(Cedric Chee) #106

What, Paperspace has an Auto-shutdown option? Great tips! Gone are the days of forgetting to shutdown our own machine.

(Cedric Chee) #107

The effects of the script changes are more subtle. For example, moving the commands with sudo as prefix to the start of the script should avoid problems. I noticed some problems that some of us encountered here are due to sudo session timeout. When the script execute sudo in Ubuntu, your administrative privileges last for 15 minutes by default so you don’t have to type in your password with every command. However, due to the network latency, some commands especially the ones downloading large files took longer than expected to complete and thus affected and interrupted the script run.

(gcmcalister) #108

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(Tom Brown) #109

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(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #110

Actually I forgot to mention, we have a $15 credit code you can all use: FASTAI15 . I believe you can’t use it at the same time as a referral code however, so you can’t combine them to get $25 credit. I’ll add this code to the top post - maybe @reshama you can add it to your instructions too?

(Cedric Chee) #111

I have try this and oh boy, surely it work. Case resolved! Thanks man.



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(Greg Fetisov) #113

Hi Dan!
Also need approvement for AMS1. I have sent you an email. Can you turn on ams1 for me?


Hi Dan,

same for me. I’m eagerly waiting for approvement in AMS1 without any response yet. I hope not to spam you with our manual requests but will send you an email too.

(Mike Moloch) #115

Hey Seema, yes I got this, my machine took about an hour to provision, it was showing me this error while it was in the process of provisioning the machine.

(Radi) #116

Please note that the auto shut down works only for the browser console. Paperspace will not shut down your server if you SSH to it.

(Seema Goel) #117

@mike.moloch, Thanks Mike for replying, I hope you got the solution…for me creating new machine helped.

(Reshama Shaikh) #118

thanks @radi for the info
I’ve added a note to my Paperspace instructions.

(Reshama Shaikh) #119

:white_check_mark: discount code has been added to the paperspace instructions.

(Miguel) #120

Great, thanks for this post.
My discount code: UXO0IB

(Vikas Bahirwani) #121

Paperspace vs. Personal Ubuntu Box with GPU (GTX 970)

I have a personal ubuntu box and I am wondering if I should use PaperSpace or my own box?

What would be the disadvantage of using my own Ubuntu box?

I am mostly concerned about billing. Perhaps someone can give me an estimate of how much it cost them ballpark.

Thanks a bunch
Vikas Bahirwani

(Daniel) #122

Here’s a script we wrote when connecting via SSH.

This article covers how Auto Shutdown works in the web-based terminal/streaming desktop.

Hope that helps!

(Daniel) #123

Don’t hesitate to send me an email – sometimes our GPU approval process gets backed up and I can approve instantly. I also can’t see emails here which I need in order to locate your account so email is best.