Paperspace setup help

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Hello all,

Paperspace is rejecting my temporary password that I received in the email. Ive tried setting up 2 machines, and neither would accept the temporary password. I have a mac and tried command-v, command shift v, and manually typing the password in. Anyone else have this issue?


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Could you please share how you went about using the ssh command. I am from a non-CS background, so please don’t spare any details. PS: I have setup the VM based on template and entered the password and I get “packet_write_wait: Connection to x.x.x.x port 22: Broken pipe”. I am using Firefox on Win10 PC laptop.


Were you able to resolve it? I am running into the same problem

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Can you search through this forum for my comments; I am pretty sure I published the details of the commands for ssh, maybe in another topic. I am non cs too, nice to connect with you; get back to me after searching.

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