Organizing SF / SoMa study group

Note from Jeremy: This is the discussion topic for SF city / SoMa study groups. Please edit this top post to include information about the next meeting details, and anything else newcomers require.

Feeling like studying with others would deepen your understanding of the Deep Learning Part 2 material? Looking to get to know others in the class? Do you live or work in or near SoMa?

Then please complete this short google form to indicate your interest and to communicate the best time slot(s) for you.

The tentative first meeting is this Saturday, April 6 at a co-working space near 5th St and Mission. Exact time to be determined, based on interest.

I can get us access to co-working space in SoMa, depending on time/day and group size. Looking forward to learning together!

If you can meet on Tuesday evenings, 6-9pm in SoMa SF, join the PyLadies fastai Deep Learning Study Group. PyLadies welcomes PyGents an PyPeople of all identities. We have a strong group of students that have been meeting every week since January.


Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey. A small group is solidifying around the following:

Time: Monday, April 22 at 6:30PM
Location: Sandbox Suites, 404 Bryant St (Bryant near 2nd Street)
Format: We will review notebooks from class as a group. The goal is to help each other learn and clarify questions from class.

Many thanks to @JennyCai for connecting us with the co-working space!