[Online] Ian Goodfellow Book Study Group

Hi Everyone,

Today Jeremy suggested it’s a great idea to read the first 6 chapters of the book by Ian Goodfellow to help with reading Mathy jargon in papers.

Assuming we don’t get a better leader for this, I will volunteer. In my experience, live-streaming has been best for learning together and taking questions + discussions so I will setup weekly livestreams starting next weekend, if you disagree strongly, I’m happy to adjust:

Note: Sanyam had to cancel the study group due to some personal travels, we will resume in second week of November

Looking forward to learning with everyone :pray:


I’m in. Thanks for organizing it

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I was also going to volunteer to lead such a group! Happy to help out in any way I can.

Unfortunately that time wouldn’t work well for Australia (it would be 1am in Brisbane). Maybe I could lead a separate group 12 hours apart from yours?


I am in. I have that book on my shelf for a long time. I guess now is the time. Thanks @init_27 for organizing this.

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I’m in… thanks Sanyam.

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Thanks to the unconference, I could talk to folks in real life too. It’s crazy and works faster than the internet :pray:

We have decided the amazing @skalyan will cover AU friendly time zones. And I will cover the Ind + US + EU friendly time zone (8 AM PT)

We will do these 12 hours apart to help everyone :smiley:


I’m in as well. Thanks for organizing this!

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Looking forward to it. Btw the livestream looks like it is currently scheduled for 8/20.

Thanks for organizing it! Is it this book?



Yes! I think :thinking:

Count me in. Thank you for organizing this, @init_27; I’m really looking forward to it!

Will the stream be archived? I have a work meeting during the time but would love to participate.


Created a new thread to canvass people’s day/time preferences for the AU-friendly study group: [Online] Ian Goodfellow Book Study Group, Asia-Pacific edition.


The Asia-Pacific study group is moving to Discord (same time, 1PM AEST on October 22): Discord. See the dedicated forum thread (in my last comment) for further information.

Nice. Either 6am or 6pm for me, that is perfect. I usually study in the mornings before people wake up so the 6am suits me best, but I might check in on both depending on when I am needed in other aspects of life :slight_smile:

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Will you be going through one chapter each week, if so then a good preparation for the sessions would be to:

  1. Read the chapter in question
  2. Write down things that are difficult or you got stuck on
  3. Watch the accompanying video
  4. Write down any “aha-moments”

Then that would create a good source of discussion during the meetings.
But it might be a bit too much to fit into a weekly schedule mayhaps.


are we referring to these first 6 chapters?

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Hi everyone!

I’m terribly sorry for the last minute notice, I will have to cancel today’s study group due to some personal travels. I’ll post again once I have a stable internet connection (should be roughly in 2 weeks)

In the meantime I would strongly suggest checking out the study group by @skalyan. I had the great opportunity to watch two of his amazing talks in person and I’m sure that its the better study group out of the two currently proposed :smiley:

I’m terribly sorry again for the short notice :pray: