[Online] Ian Goodfellow Book Study Group, Asia-Pacific edition

Continuing the discussion from [Online] Ian Goodfellow Book Study Group:

I would like to tentatively propose 1PM AEST on Saturday October 22 for the first session of the Asia-Pacific study group for the first 6 chapters of Ian Goodfellow’s book. However, if people would prefer a different day or time, I am happy to adjust.

Note that this study group does not have to be exactly 12 hours apart from @init_27’s; there can be some overlap in membership (such that if you miss one, you can catch the other). It all depends on who’s interested, and where you are.

Please comment below if you are interested in attending this group, and if so, what days/times you prefer. Once I have a better idea of people’s preferences, I will create a YouTube streaming link.

UPDATE: Here is the streaming link for the first session: Deep Learning Book Study Group Part 1 (Asia-Pacific) - YouTube.

UPDATE 2: The study group will be held on Discord instead of YouTube, for better interactivity: Discord.


definitely interested, 2am Sydney time seems a bit rough for me

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Awesome! Not sure how much I can follow along, but would love to join for lesson 1 and see how it goes.

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OK, I’ve created a streaming link for this Saturday at 1pm AEST (see post above). See you all then!


Hi all! Upon further reflection, I’ve decided to move the study group from YouTube to Discord, as this way it will be more interactive (see link above).

My initial thought is to work through the material in sections 2.1 to 2.6 of Goodfellow et al.’s book (on vectors and matrices). If you have a chance, it would be good to watch the first 24.5 minutes of the following companion video, which covers those sections: Deep Learning Chapter 2 Linear Algebra presented by Gavin Crooks - YouTube. No worries if you can’t, though (I know it’s short notice!).

See you tomorrow!