Object Localization (COCO)

I’d like to learn from someone building object localization models.

I noticed that Jeremy reference the COCO dataset in Lesson 3 but I haven’t seen anything further on object localization.

If you send a message on here, I’ll reply back with more direct contact details.


The object detection will be covered in part 2 : Object detection in fast.ai v1

While waiting you can watch the part 2 of last year fast.ai MOOC lesson 8 and 9 to understand how it works. It used SSD for object detection.

If you need something works first. I recommend this repo: https://github.com/qfgaohao/pytorch-ssd . It is in pure pytorch

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Thanks for the reply. I think I saw another post you made. I appreciate the thread you linked to. It is now bookmarked!

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Hey Aaron, I’m now where you were 1 year ago with this question. Any advice on if I should skip ahead to part 2 t learn object localization or any other resources you recommend?