New York study group

Study group confirmed for tonight at @ 6:30 PM. Location: Farfetch office, 30 West 21st St, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10010.


I will be there! See you tonight.

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Hi everyone!
Following the NY study group sessions, some of us were thinking of setting up a more regular meetup with a new format, open to non-fastai students, starting in 2019.

One format that was discussed was a “Papers in Pytorch” presentation format, where someone each week chooses a paper of his liking, implements it in pytorch, and comes to present the paper, the code, and findings to the group.

@reshama @wdhorton you are the most connected in the ML meetup world of the group, I think - would this overlap with something that already exists?

Does someone have a different format suggestion or ideas?



Would definitely be interested in this.


That would be great! I was sad that our group would be ending just because the course wrapped up. And I think Papers in Pytorch is a cool idea.

In terms of other NYC ML Meetups, I think it would be sufficiently different from the ones I know of. The NYAI meetup is great, and I’ve learned a lot on a ton of different topics, but it doesn’t get as far into the details of implementation as what you’re proposing.

I also really like NYC Machine Learning—their talks are mostly about building machine learning systems in industry.


Hi Everyone,
Happy new year!
@Descobar14 just PMed asking about the status of the meetup we’ve been talking about.

I’m pretty sure this thread is the wrong place to organize it - most of us don’t check the fastai forums that often anymore!

So, please join the slack channel by clicking on this link if you’re interested in discussing/organizing:

Talk soon!

Hey folks,

If you’re in New York and interested in attending events focused on practical deep learning, PyTorch and we’ve just launched the PyTorch NYC meetup. Please join and stay tuned for our first event which we hope will be happening this month.

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Hello to all,

A quick update. We have our first meetup planned in NYC on the 19th of this month. @wdhorton will be giving a deep dive into human protein classification using fastai and PyTorch. Here’s the link. All our welcome so please sign up if you can make it! Please give us any feedback on what type of events you’d like to see too.


Just learning about fastai. I’ve got no coding experience unfortunately but am very eager to learn and am working on teaching myself python right now. Seems I kind of missed the boat with y’alls meetups and study sessions for the course but wondering if perhaps anyone else in the area is just starting?

@wdhorton Will there be a livestream for your fans from overseas? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about livestream but I’m going to try to record so I can share after!


Do you have a new link? That one expired.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share what you learned and accomplished last night. Very much enjoyed it and learned quite a bit! Thanks again!

Just posted the video of my talk from the NYC PyTorch meetup


Hello, I just started a topic on fastai study groups to gather feedbacks from the organizers + participants in order to list the best practices and also to avoid some gaps.

You will find more information in this post. Thank you if you can take a few minutes to participate in the discussion :slight_smile:

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Great meetup today with Sylvain presenting the infinitely customizable training loop of fastai. I’m much better informed about the structure and power of the callback subsystem of fastai. Huge thanks to @alexrigler and @ceceshao1 for organizing and hosting. I’m looking forward to sharing the video with colleagues who couldn’t make it today.


Thanks for putting this together @pierreguillou, we’re hosting some PyTorch and fastai events here in NYC and I’m sure this will prove useful. I’ll dedicate some time to this soon.

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Thanks @alexrigler. If you can read, comment and improve the Google Doc next week, it would be great :slight_smile: I would like to end up before the end of the month with a consolidated version 1.

Link to the Fastai Study Group Guide in this post. Thank you.

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Hey @paul, it was a pleasure getting people together for it. I only wish I took some notes as Sylvain covered so many useful topics. Thankfully @ceceshao1 is working on uploading the video shortly.


And the video is UP!

Here’s the link to view:

Was a pleasure hosting with @alexrigler and seeing friendly faces in the crowd (you know who you are :sunglasses:)