New York study group

Thanks! @iamgianluca

Hey, so as to “rough minutes” of the meeting, here is what I remember:

  • we talked a little about learning rates schedules; @sgugger suggested reading the Leslie Smith papers, notably this one
  • Sylvain also explained hwo he got into his position (quit your job, work all day on deep learning) :slight_smile:
  • we talked about maybe spending 30 minutes doing 2-3 “code discussions” involving people who wanted to show some code they wrote to the group to discuss
  • several people said they would like to “team up” on projects
  • we discussed contributing to the library and some ideas to catch up to the SF study group
  • we determined that no-one really knew what Apache Arrow was but decided to ask @mechanyx about it every week

I’m sure others will remember other points?


What time would we plan to meet on Wednesday?

Hi, I think the same time as previously: 630-830 roughly.

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The study group starts at 6:30 PM and we need to leave by 9PM.


Hi! I was poking around yesterday evening to add some kind of “interpretability layer” to my satellite imagery project (check it out here if you haven’t yet).

On the subject of interpretability, I loved this article. However, there doesn’t seem to be the equivalent library to the one they used, Lucid for PyTorch. I’m still on the fence but working on a subset of something similar for PyTorch/ sounds like a worthwhile project.

Would this be of interest to any of you?

[EDIT]: forget it :slight_smile: current discussion of implementations and initiatives by fastai students can be found here

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I wanted to put in a plug for the NYAI meetup on Nov. 27 ( I’ve been to a couple of them now and they’ve been quality events; would be great to see some familiar faces from the fastai group at the next one.


What is the location for tonight’s meeting?

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The location for tonight study group is the Farfetch office, at 30 West 21st St, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10010.

Please, if you’re planning to come tonight, make sure you sign up in the Google Sheet, and add a “yes” in the column for tonight’s event.

For everyone attending the event tonight at Farfetch, unfortunately the receptionist of the building will be leaving at 5 PM this evening. Ankur and myself will make sure to have someone downstairs able to get you in up until 6:40 PM. If you’re running late, please add a message here, so that we can come downstairs and let you in as soon as you arrive. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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Great seeing everyone tonight! Thanks to @iamgianluca for hosting.

If anyone’s interested, this is the Inclusive Images Challenge I was talking about:

And this is the code for training Imagenet in 18 minutes (, since I know I didn’t do a good job describing all the techniques they used.


First test:


Hi everyone,

I’m opening a new pool for next week study group. We can meet at the Farfetch office @ 30 West 21st St, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10010, between 6:30 PM and 9 PM.

When would you prefer to meet?

  • Wed, Nov 14th
  • Thu, Nov 15th
  • Fri, Nov 16th

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To facilitate the logistic, could you please sign up in the Google Sheet after we settle for a date, before the event? This would help us enormously.

Many thanks!

FYI, the pool to chose the date of the next study group will close tomorrow at 6 PM.


Are we confirmed for Thursday ?


Yes, study group confirmed to Thursday at 6:30 PM @ Farfetch office @ 30 West 21st St, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10010.


thank you!!!

@iamgianluca So, given the snow, I am going to stay in this evening. Sorry to miss it, again.

Same, sorry!!

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I’m not gonna make it today either. Sorry guys!