New part 2 forum available for accepted applicants

If you were accepted into part 2 (2018) and have filled in the form that we provided, then you’ll now have access to the new part 2 forum. (If you haven’t yet filled in the form, then please do so, and I’ll add the additional folks a couple of days before the first lesson).

I know that some international fellows were wondering about whether to fly to SF for the course, so I’ll paste here some important info that I have put on the new forum already:

For those who are in (or coming to) San Francisco and are available during the day, I’m going to be running an informal “study group” every week day from 10am to 6pm at USF. I won’t be doing any mentoring of students myself (I’ll be busy prepping the next week’s course!) but I will be sharing my screen and talking a bit about what I’m doing, and will give out coding challenges for anyone interested in contributing.

More importantly, you can do joint projects with other students there, and get/give peer-to-peer help.


I was accepted for Part 2 and filled the form in but can’t seem to find the Part 2 forum. Advice, please. Thank you.

See above.

Thank you for the reply Jeremy, but I actually filled in the form a while ago when I received my acceptance.

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Thank you Jeremy for accepting into part 2 (2018) as international fellow.
Raj from India


I have filled the form out a couple of minutes ago and I am so ready to take on part 2. I really hope that I will be considered to be a part of the live stream cohort of part 2 version 2.


Nevermind I was to late on my submission I got the email this morning to make the application, but hopefully you might be willing to leak the videos a little early to allow those that aren’t in the live sessions to follow along. :slight_smile:

Either way I’ll continue my studies through all the material in part 1 and eagerly wait till July when this session will be posted.

Hi Jeremy,

I was accepted and also filled in the form but can’t find the Part 2 forum as well. Please let us know how to address the issue. Thank you for your help!

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Hi Guys,

I am not sure whether I have been added to the new part 2 forum, is it the forum with the lock icon beside it?:grinning:

Yes with part2 written

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Same here. Waiting for access.

Would love to have access to the notebook for Monday before hand so I could print it out to take notes on, and maybe even run

I’ve added the remaining people from the form to the forum, so you should have access now.

I’ll do one my group add just before class on Monday, so don’t panic if you haven’t added your name yet!

Is there a link to this form?
I have been accepted, and I double checked my email, but haven’t received anything regarding this form.

nvm, found it.

I have filled the form long time back but part 2 is still showing locked for me?

please advise

I filled the form the day I got my acceptance letter. I have not got any access link yet.

Waiting for access. Filled the form but no response. No access link or anything has been sent to me.

Nothing gets sent to you. You’ll just see a forum called ‘part 2’ in the category list here. It’ll have a lock icon next to it.

Hi @jeremy , I could just see “Trust Level 1” forum with lock sign. I was little late in submitting form, could you please check it for me once? Thanks

Would the fact that I submitted my forum application with an different email than my account on the forum affect my ability to see part 2?