New part 2 forum available for accepted applicants

Similar issue,

  1. I registered via the form when I received the acceptance email.
    2.Am logged in but only see Part2 (2017) and obviously still hoping to have access for tonight.
  2. Re-registered via the form.

Any tips?


I don’t have any information on it. Looks like we might have been to late to the party. :frowning:

There is still a little bit of time :slight_smile:

I just added the remaining users from the form to the forum. You may need to refresh. Then check for a ‘part 2’ category with a lock icon.

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I thought I had added myself to the list, but missed the link. Could you add me as well? Thanks in advance.

I missed the link too. Can you please add me? Thanks!

can someone provide the link for the youtube channel for 1st lesson?

Hi I was accepted to Part2 V2 and filled out the form to signup. I was emailed a calendar invite at 6:20pm pacific time, but there was not a link to a live stream video. Please advise on how I can watch the lecture live.

Search for the forum section part2 and the thread named Lesson 8

I had filled up the form long time back but I cant even see the part 2 category in the list. Any solutions?

Hi @jeremy, sorry I missed the email from Leslie earlier while I was on a trip and lost gmail access unexpectedly, but I just found out about the form and filled it out. My name is Derek Li and forum name is derek. Could you help add me to part2 on the forum? Thanks so much!


Not sure what to suggest - you’re definitely in the group…

Hi @jeremy , I also missed the form in the mailbox, just filled it out. If you could add me to part2 group when you have a chance, that would be awesome. My name is Anna Novakovska (forum name: novakovska). Thank you!