New category for the NLP course?

I see categories for Part 1 and Part 2, but no category for the NLP course. Searching, I see topics related to the NLP course scattered across several categories. For example, this one in the “Part 1” category starts with “Sorry about the category, I couldn’t find an NLP category.”

It would be great to have an NLP course category so I could browse and engage with others as I go through the material.


I agree with you.

The course has videos, notebooks, but no defined place to talk about it.

Nobody likes posting on the wrong forum on purpose, but there is no “NLP Course” section.

@rachel Could it be created please? Or is there any reason not to have it?


@rachel @jeremy Hi Jeremy and Rachel - any idea why we don’t have a new category for the NLP course? It will be very helpful to have one.

If there’s something I can do, I would be happy to do it.


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@rgarcia @sricketts Looks like a thread had been created for this and this seems to be the official place for discussion. A Code-First Introduction to Natural Language Processing 2019

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It would be a service to the community if we had a new category for NLP.