[nbdev] Best practices for small research project, handling merge conflicts

Hi everyone,

I just started to use nbdev for a small research project with a collaborator. In that project, I have both “source code notebooks” and “experimentation notebooks”.

I am wondering how you deal with merge conflicts in the code - these tend to arise both in the notebook cells and in the .py files resulting from the export. Do you resolve the conflicts in both places? Or do you have an easier way to deal with the py files?

In addition, I tend to have small examples in each notebook, leading to a lot of differences, sometimes also merge conflicts in the outputs. Do you tend to remove all outputs before merging? Or do yout try to minimize output in the “source code notebooks”?

BTW, thank you for nbdev, like it very much so far!

I think you’d want to look at the command line functions here and focus on using the following commands for your use case.

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