[MLT] fastbook Study Group (Sat 4-6 PM IST | Sun 5PM-7PM PT) Run 2!

Can you please make the asia/europe zoom call to have a registration page?

It helps in putting it in the calendar.


@init_27 is there a separate slack channel or thread for the US group? I couldn’t find reference to it on MLT slack… I’d gladly help lead some sessions if needed :slight_smile:

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Hi Is there a Study Group for Europe? Thanks, Ana

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One more to Europe🇷🇺

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Done! :slight_smile:

No, same channel to encourage everyone to learn together.

Thanks for the suggestion, would love to work with you in hosting these, if that’s okay :slight_smile:

@anasustic, @Kantulaev please let me know of the calls above don’t work for you, although I think the APAC call timings should be suitable for Europe.


Thanks so much @init_27 for your kind reply.
I just ordered the book but I cannot make the Sessions at the offered times. Saturday or Sunday evening for EU zone would be fantastic.

No worries, please feel free to join the text channels for discussions or the last 30 min for zoom discussions-if that works.

Personally, I don’t think I’ll be able to host another session, I’m hosting ~16 hours of meet-ups on weekends :tea:

You could also think about a group for your region if there’s interest!

hey i am on zoom meeting but no body is responding

I believe you were 12 hours early to the meeting. The Sunday session is 5-7 PM PT.

@init_27 Thanks for your kind answer. Can you please explain which text channels you are referring to? Is that what you are referring to the MLT slack channel? If yes, which one?

@init_27 I’m interested in joining the Sunday 5pm PT study group. Thanks for putting it together!

You’ll be on Lesson 2 this Sunday, yes?

And the zoom link is https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwpd-mqpzsjE9KmYH-sXg9MGwoSYPhtq8uZ , correct?

@cberkner Thanks for double checking.

We’ll be on chapter-2 (Lecture-2 does have a good overlap, but we’re following the book)

For the zoom link, the ones linked on top are latest (repeated across all meet-ups)

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Hi All, I just received my book today :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to seeing you in either group :slight_smile:

Are there any plans for another round of such amazing reading sessions? I just discovered this thread… :grimacing:

None by me. We’ll be moving onto: FastChai and Kaggle: Group based Projects (Tentative-starting Nov 21)

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@init_27 Do you plan to have another study group post Group based projects.I just started with 2020 Part1 of this course and having this study group really helps me

One is starting this weekend! :smiley:

Please see: FastChai and Kaggle: Group based Projects (Tentative-starting Nov 21)

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Was there any progress on cluster_columns? I can’t find it anywhere in the fastai library.

Try to import everything in the notebook .It should be there
!pip install -Uqq fastbook
import fastbook
from fastbook import *
from fastai.tabular.all import *
Then try to do
cluster_importance ??
in jupyter notebook you should see where the file is

by the way it is not so much difffcult. just normal plotting. See the function below

from scipy.cluster import hierarchy as hc
def cluster_columns(df, figsize=(10,6), font_size=12):
corr = np.round(scipy.stats.spearmanr(df).correlation, 4)
corr_condensed = hc.distance.squareform(1-corr)
z = hc.linkage(corr_condensed, method=‘average’)
fig = plt.figure(figsize=figsize)
hc.dendrogram(z, labels=df.columns, orientation=‘left’, leaf_font_size=font_size)