Major Upgrade To Fastpages: Faster build times & customizations

I bumped both the minima theme that fastpages depends on on and Jekyll to their latest versions.

  • Build times should become considerably faster (75% faster)
  • You will have an easier time customizing your fastpages site (if you are comfortable with HTML/css/etc). I have included instructions in the README.

Enjoy. The easiest way to upgrade if ou are on an older version is to rename your old repo, create a new repo with a template and copy all your files over. I have an experimental “upgrade with a button” but you must have created fastpages/upgraded sufficiently recently to use that

cc: @jeremy


In Hindsight I regret not making the title of the post “Making fastpages fast”

We were able to take the build time down from 3 minutes (painfully slow) to 1 minute (much less painful)