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Lesson 1: NameError: name 'cnn_learner' is not defined
ImageItemList not defined
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Breaking change v1.0.48: Learner.distributed became Learner.to_distributed.

PS: In previous version, v1.0.47:

  • create_cnn was deprecated to become cnn_learner
  • no_split was deprecated to become split_none
  • random_split_by_pct was deprecated to become split_by_rand_pct


v1.0.49 is out, the major change is a workaround a bug in PyTorch 1.0.1 and windows (see create_cnn hangs forever). It will now work properly.

Lesson 1 - Notebook stuck in create_cnn

v1.0.50 is live. The main new feature is bidirectional QRNN and backward QRNNLayer.