Logging training of ULMFiT

I am training my ULMFiT model on a server, but my computer tends to disconnect often and I miss training info - training & validation loss, accuracy etc. Is it somehow possible to log this into a file? I have already changed SAVE_PATH in fastprogress.py so that the function print_and_maybe_save saves the data into this file when the sample is small, but when it performs each step for 30-40 minutes (as when training on wikipedia), by an unknown to me reason it does not produce any changes in the file. Will be grateful for any help.

Hi Aktsvigun hope all is well!
Have a look at my posts in this thread Platform: Colab ✅
maybe there is ometing there, that you could use to help solve your problem.

Hope this helps

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Try Converting the notebook to script and run it.
Fastprogress works fine on the console!

Btw saving stats is a good approach.

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It is amazing. Thank you!

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