Live coding discussion

I do live-coding sessions 4 days a week. For details, and to catch up on the recordings, click here.

Here’s some stuff we’ve covered so far:

  • How to use the terminal and bash shell
  • Creating bash scripts
  • git and GitHub
  • Creating and using SSH keys
  • How to set up a free Paperspace GPU instance just like it’s your own local machine

If you’re interested in joining, you can catch up on the lessons we’ve already done using the videos, and then join the live sessions. They’re at 11am Tues-Fri Brisbane time (here’s the current time in Brisbane – note that we’re one day later than US, so it’ll be Mon-Thurs US time).


Oh wow, I only got a notification for the first session and missed the other two. I’ll follow the thread carefully so I won’t miss out on the next session. Thank you

For anyone considering these, I would certainly recommend attending (I’ve been to all 3 sessions so far). These sessions are packed with useful knowledge and time-saving tips that are hard to find in other places. For example, correctly using SSH key with Github has saved me time already. It’s great that Jeremy is offering these!


Totally agree Dmitriy, I think these are gonna be an amazing resource for the larger community once they become available, and for a long time.


Me too :smiling_face_with_tear:

Perhaps a push notification to our email could take place next time? I’m trying to check the forum every other day, but for some reason assumed we’ll get an email for these sessions.

It’s at the same times every week - 11am Tues-Fri Brisbane time.


Just watched the first video lesson and it is incredible. I loved the detail. Thanks @jeremy for doing all this. Hope to see you in the next session.


This is so helpful. Thank you Jeremy. I missed the first few sessions as I didn’t see the notification but I’ll definitely catch the remaining ones.

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How many sessions will these be? Are there any tentative dates for the sessions besides the first session’s date mentioned above? Will these sessions also be recorded? How long, approximately, will these sessions be for?

Just trying to plan my schedules… It will be 3am in South Africa!

Thanks for everything, so far. Much appreciated.


Wow sorry about the terrible timing for you! :frowning: I’m thinking this might be Tues-Fri Aus time, but it just depends how things go really. They’ll all be recorded. I’m thinking that we might go for an hour at a time – but if my daughter is OK with it they might be longer.

If you’re only able to watch the recordings, you’d be welcome to ask questions or make requests about the previous day’s lesson here and we could always just answer them for you the next day…


Jeremy, do we need a Paperspace account for sure? I have a colab Pro & also a PC with a GPU fully configured with FastAI installed. Does that also work? Please let me know. Thanks in Advance.

I’ll be doing the walkthrus on Paperspace, so everything I describe will apply there directly. Colab definitely isn’t a good choice for the walkthrus, but using your own machine is fine, as long as you’ve got everything installed and working already.


Yes Sure. Thanks Jeremy,


It’s always a nice opportunity to learn from you and successful alumni like Radek and Nick. I appreciate the extra sessions.

I’ll try joining the Live sessions although it will be 4 am here in Kenya.


Glad there will be recordings! I’m playing a bit of catch up :slight_smile:

What a great resource. Looking forward to joining these walk-thrus.

Catch-ups are good :smile: In my personal experience, I have never managed to complete a course while it was in session!

To quote from the previous iteration of the course:

Do not worry - Jeremy is trying to give us enough material in the lectures to keep us busy till next year’s offering of the course.

I am quite excited for the walk-thrus myself! :slight_smile: BTW tried using paperspace yesterday and found it all very confusing :slight_smile: Very much looking forward to seeing how (if?!) it can be used :smile:


I guess I’m not trying the fancy stuff. I just logged in, instantiated a paperspace container, chose a free GPU (its a Quadro 4000 , 8GB but that’s about the same as my local 1070ti … so… good enough! :smiley: ) Then it started the workspace with all the fastbook notebooks already populated.

The only think I find a little bit annoying is that I can’t drop down to a bash shell. When I click on it, it says I need to upgrade. Other than that it was pretty seamless.

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Thanks Jeremy, I am looking forward to these part of series. What you have outlined seems very interesting. Can we please also have some intorudction on how to read libraries/documentations?

I am reading through course material and Radek’s book. I feel my next step us for me is if I can get more comfortable navigating through libraries but at this stage that seems very intimidating. Thanks