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Hey Chris, thanks again for the links!

Are you familiar with Discourse? Is it possible to build a real-time monitoring gadget that keeps track of the posts in the class discussion topic that reach more than 6 likes and rank them accordingly? It might make Rachel’s life a bit easier and help the most upvoted questions get answered.

I tried to do it. The biggest problem I had with Discourse is that it has a script that automatically conceals posts far away from the currently viewed post, even in the HTML source code. I could not solve it with my limited web programming experience. What do you think, our web wizard?


That is a good idea. I haven’t tried making Discord widgets but it would be fun.

Yeah, the Discourse “scroll-to-refresh” dynamic pagination makes it harder to read the HTML DOM. I think there’s a way to do it using Puppeteer:

Crawl a SPA (Single-Page Application) and generate pre-rendered content (i.e. “SSR” (Server-Side Rendering)).

Another way is using Discourse API:

I have no idea what is a Discourse widget.

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Thanks for the input, Cedric! I think API would be a better option here.

This is what Discourse API doc says:


Some endpoints do not require any authentication, pretty much anything else will require you to be authenticated.

To become authenticated you will need to create an API Key from the admin panel.

But our accounts does not have Admin rights. So you are planning to request the API Key from fast.ai team?

Yeah, we just sent Rachel a message. Haven’t got any reply back yet. Looking forward to it.

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