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Try refreshing the page! Perhaps, the image got stuck loading. It is working from my end as well as mentioned by @galopy.


Hi, I’m trying to follow the steps to create the app “minimal” of the video. I’ve installed Windows Terminal and Visual Studio Code and I’m working with Ubuntu.
I’m following the tutorial Get Started using VS Code with WSL. In the section “Update your Linux distribution” it is suggested to install wget and ca-certificates. My question is about ca-certificates, do I need to install it in order to create the apps for this lesson?
As far as I understand ca-certificates are related to security with credit cards, usernames and passwords we put in web pages, that’s why I think it’s not necessary for what I wish to do at this moment.
So, could you please tell me whether I should install it? Or if it doesn’t matter if I install ca-certificates now because I will need it eventually.

Ok, thank you! It’s good to know that you cannot easily break things by installing into the base environment.

Yes, I am thinking that a pre-trained model would not need the GPU acceleration, and therefore might be ok to run on a Mac (for the reason you mention) even if the library overall isn’t fully supported. So my question is about checking my understanding on that. Is that a correct notion?

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If there is someone with the same doubt, what I did was install ca-certificates anyway
(as explained in the tutorial I mentioned before) and everything worked fine, I could have the app “minimal” running in production with the help of vs code.
Next step: Have my deep learning model running in production. :smiley:

ok, so here is Jeremy stating that the GPU in only needed to train the model, so that’s the answer to the first half of my question :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone,

Here is my little architecture classifier app: Architecture Classifier - a Hugging Face Space by seandokko


Hi, is this Dogs v Cats notebook available to train a model to make predictions?

The notebook above follows training the model here:

But I don’t see a link to the top one anywhere.

@brooksjordan I’m not sure, but have you tried the next lesson?

This step seems well worth learning.

I’ve recreated Dogs v Cats from the video in case anyone needs it: