Lesson 2 official topic

It entirely depends on what sort of images you want yours model to work on.

If you want to detect the shape of a plane, then you may want to remove interior images. If you only want to detect real life planes, then you may want to remove pictures of planes, such as on the shirt.


Hi, I’m having some trouble importing my pickle file to make the web app.
I’m getting the following error message and can’t work out where the issue might be coming from.

search_images_ddg() returns urls directly. you do not need to send attrgot()

General strategy to work out where an issue comes from…

  1. Duplicate the code which generates and saves your pickle file,
    then append the “load_learner()” line. Presumably the “load_learner()” line works successfully.
  2. Starting just above the “load_learner()” and working up, progressively delete small parts of the code and run it, until you recreate the “load_learner()” issue. Once you are able to iterate around a point breaking/fixing the code, you have your best chance to understand the issue.
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Thanks - I realised that I had forgotten to define the label function again before loading the learner.

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I used my model from lesson 1, which classifies chess pieces and created a deployment on Hugging-Faces: Chess Classifier - a Hugging Face Space by mw00 (unfortunately for some reason the example images don’t work, but uploading your own works fine)

I also updated the notebook with a confusion matrix and as it turns out, the model has problems distinguishing Kings and Queens! Is it a King? | Kaggle

Some weird problem I encountered after deploying to huggingfaces spaces, just in case anyone else encounters it. It says

Your space is on error, check its status on hf.co

But a hard refresh on the browser fixed it. Did that after reading this: Error when i switch the Space to public - Spaces - Hugging Face Forums