Lesson 2 In-Class Discussion

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #1

This thread contains the in-class discussion from Lesson 2. The Wiki links have been moved to this new thread. Please ask any questions about lesson 2 in the new wiki thread.

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AWS GPU install script and public AMI
Newbie set up issues with the Python library: fastai
AWS AMI available for testing
AWS error while launching instance
(Nandamuri Hari Naga Sumanth) #2

@jeremy during lecture please show how to setup a jupyter notebook via tunneling using new ami

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #3

Yes of course

(Stathis Fotiadis) #5

Are there any videos from Part 1 if we would like to get a glimpse before the next class?

(Ramesh Sampath) #6

Its right there in the top post by Jeremy in this thread under “Lesson Resources”

(Daniel Freire) #7

Now I saw it! Thanks! :joy:

(Ibrahim El-Fayoumi) #8

I got no sound or video, just live stream is offline

(Nandamuri Hari Naga Sumanth) #9

Live streaming didn’t started yet ??

(Dawit Haile) #10

Check out this one, AMI tunneling

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #11

Sorry for the brief forum outage - was just upgrading # CPUs and RAM so we have no problems tonight.

(CVG) #12

Due to daylight saving for many folks in other countries the live stream will be shifted by 1 hour.

(Choong Hong Cheng) #13

Just to confirm the data is from
https://www.kaggle.com/c/planet-understanding-the-amazon-from-space ?
as I am running my own box

(louis duverger) #14

Hi, is there any way to check if all is up to date on crestle ? seems not to have anaconda installed. Do we need to set it up ? cheers

edit: refering to the

conda env update

(Sanyam Bhutani) #15

You can sync the schedule with your Calendar app.

(sergii makarevych) #16

Before understanding the DL we should understand timezones first :frowning:

(Abi Komma) #17

Timezones are hard. DL (the way Jeremy is teaching it) is easier than timezones :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mohammad Tariqul Islam) #19

@danielfr3 under the section ‘Lesson resources’ at the top of this page.

(James Dietle) #20

@jeremy Are embeddings different than features or are they different ways of saying the same thing?

(James Dietle) #21

If so, I am having trouble downloading it with the Kaggle Command line tool

(Soumya) #22

@jeremy can’t see you in the video