Lesson 2 In-Class Discussion ✅

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #1

Please use this topic to ask and answer questions during lesson 2.

Just a few pointers/reminders:

  • questions with 8 or more like will be asked live by Rachel
  • if your post is removed by one of the admins, it’s probably because it was a duplicate from someone else, to keep this thread readable
  • advanced questions should go here. Remember this course is aimed at beginners
  • please wait for Jeremy to go over one subject/notebook before asking questions on it
  • official updates

Lesson 2 chat
(Scott H Hawley) #8

In case anyone gets an error ‘expecting number but found string’ with the Lesson 2 notebooks: Update your ‘notebook’ package to version 5.7.0, which previously the ‘conda’ version of fastai didn’t require, but Stas has now updated the package dependencies so that just updating fastai should have the same effect.

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Is there a way to display the comments to a questions in latest at the top, reverse chronological order?


This is an advanced question and should go here:

(jaideep v) #46

are we covering LR finder today…
if yes then i have got quite useful question abt it

many time i find curve that decreses sharp then goes flat for many iterations say 1000-1500 waiving up n down ,increases a bit from low point coming down before finally rocketing…
so how to find best rate here,which one to chose from below option

  1. the decliining portion of curve
  2. flat one
  3. rising a bit high from low ,coming down again but not as low as before finally rocketing

(Nitin Pasumarthy) #48

Unable search for a class in docs.fastai.com

Am I missing something?

(Kevin Bird) #52

I think the searching is pretty bad in the docs currently

(Ariel Gamiño) #62

My lesson 2 notebook says ## Camvid segmentation, but the one he had on screen was something else. I did a git pull

(Ram Kripal) #64

Now it is lesson 3


Why are the course notebooks so short this time? Compare it to last time’s, last time’s were so much more information rich. These are just running codes


salamader.ai is free for a couple weeks!? Really!? How do I access their free service? I have an account, but no free option

(Francisco Ingham) #70

Not Salamander, Crestle


Is the 12 hours with Colab counting only when something is processing or as long as you are connected? Do we know when you can re-access after it disconnects- is it a standard timeframe?

(Andy Vargas) #73

Crestle isn’t working right now. It bugs out when trying to launch the jupyter notebook.

(Ariel Gamiño) #76

lesson 3?

(Ram Kripal) #79

Yes, it is lesson 3.

(Ariel Gamiño) #81

Had to git stash and then git pull to get latest, just fyi…


There are topics on how to do this on each platform on https://course-v3.fast.ai.

Lesson 2 chat
Lesson 2 chat
(vijaysai) #86

Can we get some tips on how to deal with less number of samples while training an image classifier or may be a model in general ?Also can Jeremy repeat some details about rectangular images vs square images in the training data ?