Lesson 1 links to different parts in video

Thanks for an awesome lecture,.
Here is a rough outline of the topics mentioned. This can perhaps be wikified (@jeremy ) and people can add more notes.

Edit: Updated for the edited version of the video.
Note: this was done using Slack so some of the comments can be slightly behind, depending on how quickly i pressed enter. feel free to adjust the timestamp if you find some that should be changed

Edit: Here is a transcript with links.


You are fast, just like fast.ai. Thank you for doing this. The video timeline (time-coded video) is off by 45 minutes. Example: 1:12:55 should be 1:57:55. Please check.


Yes I’m impressed too! How did you create this timeline - is there some software you used during the lesson?


Oh, thanks it worked when i tested it. i will check

Thank you :slight_smile:
I did it like this:

  1. Write notes what is mentioned in Slack (the comments get timestamps)
  2. Open slack in web browser
  3. Inspect network traffic
  4. copy the comments as JSON from the call comments.view
  5. scroll up in the conversation
  6. then new ajax calls will be triggered
  7. copy those as well, (beautify with jsonlint.com)
  8. i pasted everything into a text file, and made all messages into one js array
  9. converted it to csv using an online converter
  10. import it into google spreadsheet as csv
  11. sort by timestamp
  12. now i have two columns i want, the one with the text and the one with the timetamp
  13. find the difference in timestamps
  14. generate a concat of the video url and the timestamp diffs for all messages
  15. copy pasted that into sublime and replaced some characters so it would become a valid markdown list with links

That is the level of hack only some veteran web developers can pull off. Kudos!


Hats off!!
Freaking Awesome

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That is super cool!

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I just finished watching the lesson. And this will be really helpful when jumping into different sections when I’m working on notebooks.

Thanks. This is really cool.

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do these time codes still work ?

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I adjusted the timestamps, they should be somewhat correct now. It might be that the video lenght had changed

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I guess so.

I have checked. The captions are mostly in sync with the video now. I think they can be improved once Jeremy wiki-fied your post. Thank you for the super :cool: hack.


I guess Youtube only saves the last 2 hours of Live Video, which might have messed with your timings


Thanks a lot for you effort. Hack is indeed mind-blowing :slight_smile:

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Brilliant hack. Love it :slight_smile:


Thank you! This made my day :slight_smile:

Pretty fast ; This is really impressive. Thank you.

I’ll be releasing an edited video soon BTW - so I’m afraid these timings are all going to change! Generally I release an edited video 2 days after the lesson.

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No worries. If people find this useful now i am glad. I think it is possible to generate new timestamps when the edited video arrive by comparing the transcripts from before and after the edit since they contain timestamps.
While thinking of that, i realized one can take the transcript and easily convert the xml to markdown with links using regex replacments. I find Sublime text to be really useful for that as you see your regex matches while you type them.

Here is an raw example:
(I changed so that each sentence is a link instead of each word)
Perhaps someone can find it useful. To make this again with the new video is very straightforward.

Pre break part 1:

so let's welcome both of them to the
stage and I'm really excited about this
kick-off so please hello everybody
thank you David and thank you PJ this is
a great space so for those of you that
are sitting in the audience you're
actually a small fraction of the people
who are watching right now there's

[edit] removed rest as this pointed to the old video and made scrolling a pain. I added one for the new video in a secret gist.