Lecture about object detection

The course site says that one of the things that we will learn from the course is:

  • Computer vision, including image classification (e.g., classifying pet photos by breed), and image localization and detection (e.g., finding where the animals in an image are)

However when I look at the notebooks provided for the course I cannot find part about it.
Is it missing in this edition of the course or I am missing something?

Object Detection is covered in part2 of the course:

This thread talks about part2 from the 2019 class. Note that that class used fastai_v1 library instead of the v2 we use in 2020.

Yes, I know that in 2018 and 2019 class there was part about object detection. What I am asking is if this part is missing from 2020 course.


I would recommend the IceVision team (https://github.com/airctic/icevision) who are focused on Detection right now, and use fastai_v2 underneath their software. They have a live broadcast happening in a couple of hours: https://twitter.com/ai_fast_track/status/1314913574217609216

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It will be a supplemental lesson (or lessons) that will be coming sometime in the future (Jeremy has mentioned this on the forums before)

Will it be separate from the 2020 course or will it come inside of it?

Consider it a bonus lesson whenever it releases

I am getting errors in library in fastai v3while doing course ,whether i should start with fastai v4.