Object detection

Can someone point me to a working notebook of bounding box object detection with fastai?

There’s a number of examples here on the forums, do a quick search and you will see them. else in the course repository for part 2 there is a pascal notebook, this shows doing bounding boxes https://github.com/fastai/course-v3/blob/master/nbs/dl2/pascal.ipynb

I did an extensive search. Some of them are on older fastai version and others have bugs.

The above one works along with this one:

If you’re looking for fastaiv2 I’m working on a notebook now for the v2 study group

Most likely any notebook will probably have some bugs due to minor changes in the last few months unless you’re using their exact version


Thanks, I’ll try these notebooks.

I am getting this error. How can I even access /root/.fastai/data directory ??

I solved that error but now i am getting a new one



I am getting errror in it. @phucnsp @muellerzr

it is because your current path does not point to the repository’s directory.
Try to see where are you at that cell:

from pathlib import Path

After that, change the directory to repository’s directory by

import os
os.chdir(“Add the repository path here”)

Thanks, I did that, it solved the problem. I am stuck with a bigger issue now, callbacks.py is trying to import from Bounding Box module but there is no module named Bounding Box in the repo @phucnsp error

Got it running, thanks!

This notebook works, thanks. Although I don’t really understand the concept of anchors.

you can take a look at fastai lesson 8,9 in 2018. Jeremy taught about SSD, key concepts are similar with Retinanet