Late night study group in London, UK


Would anyone want to form a study group in London? I thnk it would be difficult to take the class at that time of the night all alone. We can group up so that each one of us is regular and motivated. Or we can decide to meetup on other suitable time if anyone thinks so.

Let me know. Thanks.


Shivam, if you (or anyone else) is interested, we have a fairly well established fastai-related Slack channel as part of the London Data Science Workshop meetup group. Auto-enrolment for this channel is here:

We set this channel up when we ran a seven-week deep learning/fastai study group in London over the summer, which I wrote about here: London fastai study group review

There are already a few of us in the group planning to watch live when the new series starts up in ten days’ time.

Hey Andrew.

This is great. I would love to be a part of this group.

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Hi @AndrewK, I am from Nigeria, and I think I can work with your timezone, can I join the group?

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I have joind London slack channel & we can keep updating this thread for London meetup.

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Yes, of course!

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I am located in a similar time zone as you. I live in Spain. I would like to be part of this study group.

Kind regards
Jose Mari

Jose, you are welcome to join our Slack channel, as is anyone else who is following the fastai course, whether they live in London or not!


I added myself to #Slack chanell I’m from Dublin just behind the corner of London :slight_smile:



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Thanks a mil Andrew. I have joined the group.

-best Abhay

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Hello @AndrewK
I would love to be part of the group though am from Nigeria but i can work with your timezone.

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Hey from Manchester, can I join or am I too northern for you’s :disappointed_relieved: (actually scottish!)

Hey everyone,

I’m joining this group slightly ahead of time as I’ll be moving to london by the first week on Nov. Also joined the meetup group.


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Yes David, we’re happy to take anyone, even Scots :grinning:

Just want to know if there is any plan for physical meetup study group? Would be great to get together and talk about the course and lectures.

Are people using their own pcs, or cloud for the course? Really thinking of upgrading my pc and dedicate more time to deep learning!

As I mentioned upthread, we did run an in-person study group at the London Data Science Workshop for the MOOC over the summer. We may do it again when the new MOOC is launched in the New Year, but we don’t have anything planned to run concurrently with the new lecture series.

But don’t let that stop anyone from organising their own group, of course!

I’m using this time around (last time I used Paperspace and also some Google Colab). I’d love to own a GPU but the decent ones don’t come cheap!

Are we planning for a meet up?

Hi, I have just launched a discussion thread on fastai study groups to gather feedback from organizers and participants to identify best practices and avoid some gaps.

You will find more information in this post. Thank you if you can participate in the discussion :slight_smile: