Late night study group in London, UK


My name’s Michal, I’m based in London and I deliver data science projects for companies.
I love the course and have recently decided to organize a study group, to help create a friendly and collaborative learning circumstance that is welcoming to all.
We want to meet in person, do lightning talks, answer each other’s questions, and share the outcomes of our projects. Great learning at high velocity with strong knowledge retention.
We’re aiming to run the 7 weeks between mid February and end of April.

I intend to secure a venue that matches our commitment, and I have a potential sponsor for some of the costs

Please leave your contact here if you’d like to be part of the group!
(only for the purpose of this group, no other messaging)

Next steps:

  1. survey of preferences in terms of realistic levels commitment, meeting interval and format
  2. securing a venue that matches group size
  3. scheduling the 7 weeks!

I look forward to meeting in person and learning together!

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I’m keen

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