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Hey everybody! My name is Ezra and I very recently started learning python with the help of Chat GPT. I’ve been self releasing music for the past 3 years, doing all of my own engineering and visual art. After coming into contact with modern ai I realized its something I have a lot of interest and passion for. I watched the first lesson today and I am currently working on getting my first model working. Very happy for this course and opportunity. My twitter handle is @KandyVoid. Would love to connect :slight_smile:


HI! My name is Bill, and I live in San Diego, California, USA.

I am working in software testing for a company that makes portable insulin pumps for diabetes care. I have a little experience with python and with swift/iOS app development. I like studying math (currently working through a book on Galois theory).

I am slowly working through fastai Lesson Two: Deployment. I put up a a classifier on a Hugging Face Space and I have started a Quarto blog to show my progress.

The course seems great so far, and it’s exciting to see people here from all over the world! :slight_smile:




My name is Claudiu and I am a software engineer. I am new to AI, but it seems an interesting topic to know about!

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Hi, I’m Muhammed Thayyib, and I am from Kerala, India. Currently working as data scientist(but am a student) in Gurgaon, India. I completed B.Tech in polymer engineering and dropped M.Tech in polymer engineering. During the covid, I came to know that there is a language called python :grin: So I thought I should try it. Then changed everything(Covid pandemic saved me). I have dedicated my self 9 months, I set a dream that I would be a data scientist. I sit in Brototype and got an internship at Delab. @bipin introduced me this course. Tried to do this course two times but went to beginner friendly courses. Finally I joined here, I took an oath that I won’t do any course other than this course. my twitter, my Linkedin


Hello all,

Joining in from the Netherlands. I’am changing from a passive learner to be an active learner. I am here to learn 4 things:

  • Be an active learner and interact with the community
  • Why to apply deeplearning
  • On what to apply deeplearning
  • How to apply deeplearning in my job.

I am here to stumble, mumble, question and be helped. So eventually i hope to be helpful to others.


Well, let’s go!

Hi everybody, I’m Eduardo Yáñez from Madrid (Spain), although I’m living in Brussels (Belgium) since 2015. I work as a software engineer and wanted to follow the course since it was ready the first time, but decided to do other things at the time. A month ago I started it, and I’m doing it little by little. I’m not in a hurry, and also doesn’t have too much time, but I like the subject a lot, and want to finish it.

In case you want to connect, this is my Twitter account @eduardo_yanez. There I’ve created a public list related to AI in case you want to be aware of what’s happening in the AI world but don’t want to follow everybody.


Hi Everyone,
I am Bhavya Giri a sophomore-year engineering student in New Delhi, India. I started learning machine learning in March’23. Today (15th April,23) marks the day I am beginning my Deep Learning journey with a combination of the Course and Practical Deep Learning for Coders book.
Actively try to contribute to Kaggle (Bhavya Giri | Contributor | Kaggle), although I haven’t done much but slowly and steadily will build it up.
Feel free to connect and collaborate with me on LinkedIn and Twitter


I’m James. I’m in Seattle, WA, USA. This is my third (?) attempt at learning deep learning and AI. I got here after reading Swyx’s wonderful article, You Are Not Too Old (To Pivot Into AI) - by swyx (

I studied philosophy in college, and since then I have been a barista, a line cook, a bus driver, a lawyer, and a software developer. As a software developer, I now specialize in devops, and have management responsibilities.

In fact, after I get my feet on the ground, I wish to contribute to the community by helping with AWS. But today, I have plenty of catching up to do on the course, so I may be slow to respond if you ask for help. I’ll get there!

I’m interested in NLP, and especially in using transformer models to increase access within the justice system by reducing the cost of legal services by … I hope …10-100x.


Hi, I’m Yacine, and I live in Strasbourg, France.

After my service in the military, I have retrained as a software developer 5 years ago and I’m happily enjoying the fact that the code rabbit-hole has no end !

However, my total lack of knowledge regarding AI has been buzzing in the back of my head for far too long. So here am I taking the course ! I guess it will sometimes be hard for me to grasp a few concepts (I should have listened to my mum when she urged me to be more serious in my math education when I was playing Baldur’s gate 2 a lot during high school…) but I’m willing to take the climb :slight_smile:

To put it simply: I don’t want to be a blind consumer of AI APIs: I also want to understand them, at least the main concepts behind them.

I also want to thank everyone involved in the creation of this course and platform for the wonderful content you are sharing here !

Cheers !


Hi everyone,

I’m James and I live just outside London in the UK. I completed the 2020 version of practical deep learning for coders, but then didn’t have time to keep it up as I’m also doing my MBA and working as an airline pilot.

However, I’m now coming to the end of my MBA and I’m more determined than ever to build an AI start-up, so I’ve decided to start again at day 1 and see what has changed in the last three years (I’m sure there’s a lot!).

Look forward to sharing my journey with you and to seeing what other projects everyone is working on throughout the course… and if anyone wants to collaborate on business ideas please get in touch!

All the best,



Hello everyone, I’m qijia from China. I am a software engineer with 10 years of experience. I love data science and find it a fascinating field. The teaching style of fastai is unique, starting with practice and encouraging communication and sharing. They also provide useful function libraries and make some of their teaching resources freely available. I hope to have a broader perspective and stronger ability to solve practical problems after completing this course. If possible, I would love to pursue a research job in the field of deeplearning (although such opportunities are rare and my education level is not high), and I will be passionate about completing this course.


Hi all! I’m Jose from Boston and have been a software engineer for ~6 years. I’m here because I want to grow my skill set and I am deeply fascinated with where AI is going and to understand how we got here so quick. I’m hoping to learn as much as possible from the course and the community! Would love to at one point have an in person group meetup in the Boston area, so if anyone also shares that interest please reach out! Thanks!


Hi all!
I’m Martin from Germany.
It’s my third or forth try to get in neural nets and AI.
I tried books an courses but didn’t manage to get reasonable results beside of the course/ book topics, mainly on computer vision.
I like @jeremy s way to present the topics in the course videos.
I think I will learn al lot.

My main interest lays on images, generated or not.
Is there anybody around my area sharing my interests?



Hi everyone! My name is Andrew Rose (he/him); I’m from Vancouver, Canada. I have a bachelor’s in software engineering with an AI specialization from University of Victoria. I work on AI-powered music tools at a startup called Audialab, where my job title is “Data Dragon/AI All-Star”. My boss directed me to power through this course to upgrade my AI skills, so that’s what I’m doing. Here’s my Twitter.


Hello I’m Thomas I’m new to deep machine learning and I want to change that!
Fun fact about me: a looong time ago (in 1997) I wrote a master thesis about Natural Language Processing using SRN (Simple Recurrent Network). This was so long ago and that architecture so long forgotten that I say I’m a newbie.



Hi everyone, My name is Prakhar Tiwari and I’m new to this community and this course writing here after doing two chapters of the book and 2 lectures of the course. I’m a student in a university studying Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and I hope that I complete this course and build good projects.


Hi everyone,

I just started the course and already find it great. I am part of a non-profit that builts crowdsourcing apps. We created an app for people to self-report outages in the aftermathof Hurricane Maria: Apagon (it means outage in spanish).

I am interested in using deep learning to predict outages. I am also interested in using visual models to improve ground response time.



Hi Everyone,

This is Karthi from India. I went through a few lectures from the 2020 version of the FastAI course when I was in my undergraduate degree but I was overwhelmed by AI and decided it is not for me, things turned out very differently and I am currently working as an associate software developer. Though I am building ML pipelines at work I feel there are lots of gaps in my knowledge. I am here to relearn all the concepts and hopefully build great things. My Twitter is AI_Swordsman.


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Hello folks, Started the course this week, hoping to learn a lot from the community and excited to share my knowledge with the community. Taking this course to strengthen my practical side of deep learning.

Want to get in touch with me, Twitter handle (deep learning community’s party hall :tada:): simplyjaga

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