International fellowship

(Vishnu Subramanian) #21

Generative children’s book is a good idea. I can gift to my little boy.


(Alon Burg) #22

Hi everyone

Is there anyone who near the GMT timezone? :slight_smile:

Ideas I thought working on:

  • Moleculate docking forecasting like Shroedinger
  • monitoring app which detects audio stress signals for babies and elderly people.
  • a “live accompanying band” (a la Wavenet?) to play along with
  • Starcraft 2 bot contest
  • An evil algo trader :slight_smile:

Generally I would love to learn about domains from professionals (like MD) and hear how we can create assistive tools


(Karthik Kannan) #23

The Kaggle Fisheries contest is of great interest to me. simply because i think it models a real world machine learning problem well. I made a really naive submission so far and hit the top 50% (I was too engrossed with dogs vs cats redux), would love to approach this problem systematically and see how far we can go with techniques from this class!

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(Xinxin) #24

@Even @VishnuSubramanian
I’m interested in GANs for children’s book too. Let’s do it together!

@Even, my other art idea is some kind of synesthesia project combining music and visual, it’s quite undefined but I want to explore more

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(Kishore P. V.) #25

Hi everyone.
I am Kishore. I am interested in conducting research in ML/DL. I am interested in participating in Kaggle competitions and solving computer vision related problems.
I am from Bangalore, India.


(Karthik Kannan) #26

Interesting! I’m currently working on an app that uses OCR to read blood reports and try to make sense of the report. Sort of demystifying a blood report for a lay person. Not meant to be a diagnostics tool but more informative.


(Chatel Gregory) #27

Hi everyone!

I’m Grégory from France, I am interested in applying DL to art and NLP related problems, maybe some kind of fun basic IRC chatbot. I have no precise project idea yet and I am hoping to join a team to work on something.


(Derek) #28

Hi friends! My name is Derek and my background’s in mathematical finance and computer science. A few project ideas I have so far are,

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(Kouassi Konan Jean-Claude) #29

Hi @burgalon !
I am exactly in the GMT timezone and appreciate your ideas.
I have a personal project too for audio video translation (too heavy to start on now I think) but we could discuss later … More details here on my github :



Just an idea I came up with. No idea about implementation.
Predicting the ‘cliffhanger-ness’ of a movie frame.

Movies shown on tv often break just before a critical/interesting scene, so that user remains engaged.

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(Kent) #31

Hi , this is Kent from Toronto. I am building a model to predict corporate earnings. I am also interested in building NLP models to retrieve information from financial reports. I am participating in the “Nature Conservancy Fisheries Monitoring” Kaggle competition. I got into top 15% with my own model based on VGG 16 after spending 10+ hours. I am planning to use an Inception V3 based model to improve my performance. Anybody also interested in this, please let me know.

BTW, recently I just assembled my own Deep Learning machine that can be scalable to up to 4 GPUs (Currently with one GTX 1080 ). I did a lot of homework in order to set it up. Anybody interested in doing the same please feel free to discuss this with me.


(Samuel Ekpe) #32

How much did you spend?

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(Samuel Ekpe) #33

Good day everyone, I’m Samuel, so this year i am learning French, and i was thinking of NLP and realtime language translation form English to French and English to French using Deep Learning and RNN. Anyone interested in this?, also if there is anyone around Lagos Nigeria, i will love to meet up in person.


(Samuel Ekpe) #34

wow @rachel it seams i and @jeremy have been thinking about thesame project. :slight_smile:


(Kent) #35

@geniusgeek I spent CAD$2600 after tax, roughly USD$2000 equivalent.

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Can we (online people ) ask questions in some way Live to Jeremy ?


(Samuel Ekpe) #37

i dont know, but lets tag them for now


(Chatel Gregory) #38

Yes, in the ‘Lesson 8 in-class’ thread.


(Suresh ) #39

I’ve been thinking about parsing and doing nlp from 10k & 10q documents. I’d be interested if you would like to work together or work in parallel and exchange notes.


(Kent) #40

@Surya501 great, let’s discuss more!