International fellowship

Welcome international fellows! Please join our live stream here:



Thank you a lot for the opportunity to take this course in real time! The 1st part was great!

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I’m looking forward to getting to know you :slight_smile:

Thank You for this great course. The forums were great, I had the same questions that many asked and was very helpful.

Looking forward to part 2! I very much liked the first part.

Thanks for doing this. Part 1 was amazing!

Thank you for making it possible, part 1 was incredible. Looking forward to Monday.

Hi to all International fellowships !
It’s a great pleasure for me to take this course with you and make a worth use of all amazing things we will learn together.

And thank you to Jeremy and Rachel.

@jeremy, @rachel Thanks for the opportunity.

Thank you @jeremy and @rachel. Looking forward for the course

Thank you @jeremy and @rachel. I look forward to the part 2 course. Unfortunately, I missed your live stream. I was wondering if we are to attend the classes on Sundays like part 1 or this time it is going to be on Mondays?


Thank you Jeremy and Rachel for the opportunity. I may miss some of the Monday classes. Will the recorded videos be sent to the international students who miss the live stream?

Yes, videos will be available immediately after each lesson.

Is the live stream URL going to be shared before the class? I didn’t receive any.

The live stream URL is posted in Jeremy’s original post :slight_smile:

Sorry, I got the date wrong! :sweat_smile:

Hey everyone, I’m Dave and I’m interested in medical imaging and NLP for extracting useful information from medical records.

I’m located in NY if anyone else is on this coast and would want to meet up in person, although it sounds like everybody else is much further away…

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Hey all, looking forward to working with you on this. I love the idea of a group project.

My ideas so far:


Hi everyone,

I’m Karthik. I’m particularly interested in using computer vision to help the visually impaired navigate closed spaces better. Looking forward to working on image captioning and exploring other deep learning tools to directly impact the blind.
EDIT: I’m from Bangalore, India. Would love to meet folks from around here. :slight_smile: