Interested in study group?


I started the deep learning course, chapter 1 yesterday.
My plan is to do 1 chapter a week.
Anyone interested in collaborative learning by having a weekly meet-up?
I live in Melbourne (GMT+10)


@nhenseler, myself and another guy will be meeting next wednesday May 18th, at 7:30am New mexico time. feel free to reach out and let me know if you would like to attend.

Hi Carlos,
happy to give it a go.
That should be 3:30pm, May 17 for me.
Can y send me a Zoom (or similar) invite?

i will send you one 15 minutes prior. looking forward. Take care Norbert.

I would also like to participate if possible. I am just starting the first chapter, so I may not have much to contribute, but I would love to sit in and listen at the very least.

sounds good!

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ups. 7:30am New Mexico (GMT-6) is actually 11:30pm Melbourne time.
Let’s try.

Hi @nhenseler ,
I would be interested in this study group. May I know how to join?

I believe @CarlosD is going to send a zoom link ~15 minutes prior to the start of the session. However, I have not gotten confirmation from him that I will be included. Hopefully we can both join in!

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guys let me know if you received the meetup link. please.

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Sure thing

I’m in waiting!

Hey amay, we had our meeting one and half hour ago. hope to meet you another time. take care.

Thanks for informing @CarlosD. I got stuck in an office meeting. Hope to join next time. Do we have any whatsapp group for this too?

I received the link. Many apologies for not making it. I live in OK and was under the impression that we were in the same timezone as NM. So when I checked at 7:30a my time and didn’t see the anything, I figured it had passed. Would love to try again next week or whenever the next meeting will be. Thanks for the effort!

Would be keen to join from Japan as well.

hello there is the study group still open? am from uk.

Hi Carlos,

is there any chance that we can change this to 5pm or later New Mexico time?
Otherwise it is just not doable from Australia


would 6:30 work for you?

Do y mean 6:30pm New Mexico time?