Installation in windows

Hi jeremy,
Thank you for making this course.
I have both a desktop (win7) and a laptop (Win10) that I want to use for this course (one when I am home, One when I am out with my laptop). Linux and Bash are new to me. I am using windows 10 in my laptop right now and I am working few hours to figure out how to install the Cygwin part, unfortunately without success. Can I ask you some questions to better understand how to solve this?

  1. When I execute “pip install awscli”, where the downloaded / installed files reside ?
  2. now sits in gitHub. If I use the wget on the copied file link, it saves an html content, not the content intended. So, maybe I should copy it and save it (I saw that mentioned somewhere in the forum). To where do I save it ?
  3. After I configure the aws using “aws configure” on my laptop and do all the following directions, do I need to execute "“aws configure” also in my desktop ?
    Do I need to run “bash” also on my desktop ?
  4. I see some users commenting about installing python into bash, not to windows. What does it mean ? isn’t the python installed in windows the same python used in Bash ?
  5. My laptop has Nvidia Geforce 940mx. Can I use it ? can you reference for directions ?

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