ImageItemList not defined

I am working on a multi label classification problem and while creating a data bunch, I am getting this error. Any sort of help will be appreciated. Thank you


Hi @bhawna , this is due to an update in the fastai library. You should use ImageList instead of ImageItemList and things will work fine. I had the same query a few days back. The fastai forum has a search button where you should search your queries before posting a question since it has already been solved. Another great suggestion would be to follow the thread of the platform you are coding on. I’m following Kaggle’s thread and I get to know about errors even before I encounter them. Hope this helps.


Thank you @dipam7 for responding and for all other tips. I will follow Kaggle’s thread to avoid such confusions.

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Hello :wave:t3:,

I would also recommend subscribing to this thread to receive notifications for any majors changes in the API.

Hi @raimanu-ds
Thank you :slight_smile: