ImageClassifierCleaner: get next batch

ImageCleaner from fastai-v1 had a “next” button. This was really useful because I found that some times my model was accurately predicting the label of “noisy” images and therefore those images were not included in the top losses. The remedy for that was to click “next batch” a lot to find all of those images and mark them for deletion.

Is there a way to do that with the new ImageClassifierCleaner? I see that it takes a default argument of max_n=30, which I could change to show all of my images at once, but that’s a lot of scrolling.

As a side note, it appears that you must run the loops for deleting images and changing labels BEFORE you use the drop-down menu to move on ton cleaning a new class. Otherwise, you choices of ‘Delete’ and ‘Keep’ are lost.

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I think the ImageClassifierCleaner widget needs a lot of improvement. I’ve had to do 4-5 rounds of cleaning, training, cleaning again and I still keep finding images that cause incorrect training.
There should be a way to prioritise showing images from top_losses
[Several unwanted behaviors from ImageClassifierCleaner](Another post highlighting unwanted behaviours of the widget)

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Yeah I am having the same problem. Have you solved it?