Hello everyone!

I’m just a guy who likes math, programming, and science. Data science seemed like a good fit for my interests, and so I’m diving in head first. I hope I learn how to swim quickly, and transition into a new and exciting career!
Here is something I really believe:

We should not do ANYTHING for the sake of appearances.

Don’t learn so that you can be “in the know”, learn so you CAN know. Knowledge isn’t a hammer to use to get your way or impress the world. Information is interesting in it’s own right.

I’ve seen too many people who are way smarter than me forget this fact. It leads to arrogance. It causes you to forget where you came from, and it disconnects you from how wonderful the world is, and how fun the process of learning is.

My goal then is to stay humble, learn a lot, and be kind to those around me.