Idiomatic Python

Peter Norvig teaches to code programs elegantly in Python. This is one of the best way to learn idiomatic python. Learn from the best!


Thank you!!! I’m starting it right away

and it’s free :slight_smile:

Yep! It’s one of the best thing happened to me. Fell in love with python instantly. AND ITS PETER NORVIG!!!

i’m looking forward to going deep into python and deep learning. super excited to be here!

This is also a great source for beginners to learn python with exercises being provided while learning…

Can anyone suggest in what order should one take the python programming courses (free not nanodegree) from udacity?

I don’t know of anyone who writes more idiomatic python than Norvig :slight_smile:


I agree! The other day I was looking into his repo Pytudes - “Python programs to practice or demonstrate skills.” I was stunned by the quality of his code. I recommend this set of notebooks to anyone who think they need to improve their coding skills.


Is this course a good first start to python too, given someone has ample experience coding with some other language having object oriented paradigm and very similar constructs?

No, you’ll need to learn from other sources. However there will be other students doing the same, so please do share resources you find, and questions you have, on the forum!

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Thanks for the response Jeremy, I am going to give Learn Python 3 The Hard Way a shot, I have heard a lot of good things about this book and it’s on hands approach to python, many people who code in python have suggested me this book. I will share other good resources too as I start learning journey :slight_smile:

Yes that’s a good book - although note that it’s directed towards people with little programming background.

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Good resources from Norvig