Howto: installation on Windows

(Vaibhav Kumar) #395

Yes, my conda was up to date.
But I found another way to install and everything was running great.
I’m listing my steps:

  1. Removed previous Anaconda installation along with all registry files using Revo Uninstaller.
  2. Installed miniconda
  3. git clone
  4. cd fastai
  5. conda create -n fastai python=3.6 anaconda
  6. conda env update
  7. activate fastai

Hopefully this may help others.

(Katharina) #396

I didn’t find a post regarding the stable windows version of Pytorch 1.0.

So Since Pytorch 1.0 is stable now, the windows user can install Pytorch via conda. Is it also possible for the fastai 1.0 libary? Or do I still have to build it from source?

(Naveed Unjum) #397

@brismith I am not able to import the modules such
fastai.torch_imports ,, fastai.model, fastai.dataset I couldn’t find torch_imports and even in the github repo. Any ideas how i can fix these. Even on kaggle, these modules seem to be missing

(Brian Smith) #398

What version of FastAI do you have? I think this was a recent change - I have 1.0.39 and these import just fine.
conda update -c fastai fastai
and see if that solves the problem.

(Brian Smith) #399

These were my steps - since then I have updated to FastAI 1.0.39. Some of us have noticed that Windows is slow getting going at the start and between epochs when training.


I packed it in after a couple days trying to get it to work. I don’t think Fastai is quite ready for public consumption yet!
However; the course is excellent I am watching the lectures and then completing the exercises using other tools. (actually probably a better learning experience in the long run)…