Howto: installation on Windows


So now that PyTorch 1.0 is out with Windows and Cuda10 support, does anyone know the time frame for FastAI to support Windows?

(RAMJEE R) #376

@jeremy ,

Great lectures. I’m trying to work on lecture 10 for a NLP classification problem on a windows server that has 32 GB RAM and no NVIDIA GPU. Can you please let know if can work on a server with no GPU. I know you have mentioned that NVidia GPU is a must but still asking. Thanks

(Laurence) #377

Worked for me! Thanks so much

(RAMJEE R) #378

Hi lollcat, Thanks. So, you were able to use on a windows with no NVidia GPU ? Can you please confirm?

(Laurence) #379

Hi rramjee. No - I followed WakeMeAtThree’s post on installation with GPU that originally gave the error “PyTorch no longer supports this GPU because it is too old.” and have now successfully run lesson1.ipynb.

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Oh ok sorry. Anyways thanks for your response. Good luck.

(Naveed Unjum) #381

I performed all the given steps but the it is pops up an import error on fastai.imports and fastai.structured but not fastai


Should help.

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It says “you dont have access to this”

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Copying my steps here as the link was to the v3 course and is a locked forum.

This is the steps I’m using for my Conda environment. Windows 10.
conda create -n fastai-3.7 python=3.7
conda activate fastai-3.7
conda install pytorch torchvision -c pytorch
conda install -c fastai fastai
conda install nb_conda_kernels
python -m ipykernel install --user --name fastai-3.7 --display-name “Python (fastai-3.7)”
conda install ipywidgets

This works on my 1080ti - but I have seen the ‘too old’ message on other machines. GTX 480 and possibly Quadra mobile for example.

(Naveed Unjum) #385

It worked on my 1050Ti machine, Thanks. But fastai.structured is not being imported. This is the problem with kaggle too. Though i can simply copy the functions, i want to ask if there is a way that can be fixed


Can’t clone the repository…on running the command “git clone” I get an error namely:

fatal: unable to access ‘’: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain

CPU : Intel i7-7700HQ @2.8GHz
GPU : Nvidia 1050Ti (GP 107M) 4GB
RAM : 16GB



Setup fastai using instructions given by Jeremy. Excellent instructions and worked perfectly!

I set it up for ML using the commands below

cd courses\ml1
del fastai
mklink /d fastai …\old\fastai
cd …

I opened the courses\ml1\lesson1-rf.ipynb and imported the fastai libraries successfully.

Then I ran the following commands and set it up for DL

cd courses\dl1
del fastai
mklink /d fastai …\old\fastai
cd …

I opened courses\dl1\lesson1.ipynb. When I tried to import the fastai libraries it failed to find fastai.imports. When I tried to switch to courses\ml1\lesson1-rf.ipynb and tried to import the libraries, it failed too.

Can someone please explain what happened?

Thanks for your help!

(Naveed Unjum) #388

Refer to this


Thanks naveed but I could not really understand. Perhaps if you mark the end of each line or format it better, it would more readable?

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Click the upward arrow button

(Vaibhav Kumar) #391

I followed these steps to setup my environment but a lot of libraries like seaborn,bcolz, graphviz were not present.
I individually installed them but graphviz still wasn’t getting imported!!

(Vaibhav Kumar) #392

Using the way specified by jeremy, I’m getting this error:

(Brian Smith) #393

Is your Conda up to date? I recall something like this a while back.

(Naveed Unjum) #394