How to fix fastpages Subscribe button

Hi everyone,

I just recently found out that Fastpages is extremely helpful for automated creating blog posts from Jupyter notebooks. However, I am just a newbie with Fastpages, Jekyll, and minima, so I am having a hard time trying to customize the Fastpages blog. I really appreciate it if you can suggest to me some resources to start with.

The default Minima template seems to work nicely, but I could not get the Subscribe button at the footer area to work. I have read the discussion here. However, I was not able to fix the subscribe button.
Currently, I am thinking to fix it by navigating the button to a different link: as the suggestion in this issue. Still, I am stuck at this part.

If the Subscribe button is not fixable, then should I remove it completely? (Not sure how yet :sweat_smile:)
Thank you for your time and help.
Best Regards
Hai Nguyen.

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Finally, I could fix that button to link to my target link by overriding the footer.html href.
I think this can be a good update for Fastpage template, as the Subscribe button has been unused for so long.
Thanks, and apologies if my post was spamming everyone in the group.