[fastpages] GitHub Pages Blog Using Nbdev

Did the trick :slight_smile:

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Does Nbdev or fastpages support screenshot with this (paste a screenshot directly in a markdown cell, which will produce somethings like attachment:image.png)?

In jupyter notebook, if you turn the cell into a markdown cell, you can directly paste a screenshot into a cell without actually saving the image as a file separately. I think the notebook stored this screenshot directly in the notebook. However, since fastpages first convert a notebook to a markdown file, it looks like it cannot support these kind of screenshot.

This makes the blogging experience much more natural If I can just copy and paste an image without doing all the manual saving.

Btw, I used to post on Medium. It is great that I can basically just copy the entire page from the fastpages site to Medium (most markdown format, hyperlink are conserved!), but you may need to delete some empty newline

One thing I missed is that I can edit on Browser, as it allows me to use Grammarly to correct my mistakes, it seems not working well with notebook though.

Did you try including a screenshot ? What happened? I think it could already work in fastpages?

@hamelsmu is there something needed to get the subscription working? Currently it’ll return back a raw of the notebook (test at the bottom here): Example Blog

(BTW thank you for all your awesome help, the fact I got this all up and running in under an hour is amazing)

I have no idea how RSS subscriptions work. I googled this and maybe this helps? http://rss-tutorial.com/rss-how-to-subscribe-to-feeds.php

Let me know!

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Here was my steps:

  1. Go to RSS Builder
  2. Include a link to the base page of your blog
  3. Select Strategy -> CSS Selector of an anchor tag
  4. The tag you want is .post-link
  5. Generate a preview to make sure it’s getting the blogs on your feed
  6. Generate the feed.

Afterwards, sign into your Google Account and copy the feed URL. I need to see how to properly embed this in (@hamelsmu you may know right away) and you should be good to go. Looks like (after inspecting) it expects a fastblog.xml file (my blog name.xml), which should point to the feed generated in the above link



Is it ok if I link to this post for the docs? Others will find this as useful too. Thanks for the writeup!

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May I asked what is this for? The RSS works fine for me.

(A screen shot of using Feedly to subsrcribe my own fastpages RSS)


Simple directions to get the github pages (via the template) working for an RSS Feed.

Sure :slight_smile: Once we figure out how to actually get the right feed embedded I’ll edit it in :slight_smile:

I am not sure I understand why you need to build another RSS feed? Is there something wrong with the original one?

The way I did it is simply adding the RSS feed (bottom of the page, and it just works out of the box

(Screenshot of trying to add your RSS feed)

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It’s embedding into the fastpages build template I can’t find, not generating the feed itself :slight_smile: (IE the subscribe button, with the idea of making/doing it in a way with the minimal custom code/modifying the template done)

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Ah, now I understand. The issue is actually where the subscribe button points to since we already have one! (as currently it just points to the xml file we already have made as you pointed out). It may be better to instead give a form or something so people know how to subscribe/can sign up with mabye? :slight_smile:

I guess so, but RSS is unlike an email list, it is more a user choice and they have to have their own RSS reader first (I think?). I am not sure how we could provide a default way of sign up.

But I agree that letting people know how they can subscribe is a great idea, as most people do not use RSS and they would be confused when the link directs them to an xml file.

Ok if someone could make a PR adding a reasonable set of instructions to the README that would be much appreciated

either one of you two @muellerzr or @nok :pray:

Actually let me spend some time understanding this, I’ll add this or some variation thereof soon ! Thanks for the discussion and providing those resources


Hi everyone =)

Starting to work on my blog I have one simple question. When I render my markdown text in Juyiter notebook they look very nicely align (see image below):

after uploading to the blog the text seems to have right alignment:

I was wondering if there is a easy way to fix this ?

Maybe this is helpful


You can provide your own custom css (per the docs). If enough people agree I could change the default alignment but I’m not good at judging this kind of thing myself

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Broken link: fastpages and how-to have been swapped.

I know I shouldn’t ask web design question here. I don’t really know any CSS and I basically just using Chrome to inspect each element and change it accordingly.

I changed the header part to make it have a vim-like block, however, when viewing on mobile it looks bad. I don’t know how to deal with this web, would be great if anyone can provide some pointers.