How tackle this course?

what are things you should do step by step after after completing a video lecture?

Watch this:


Hi Anurag
Either watch the video twice more or try and do an experiment similar to the video. It is important to consolidate the information.
Regards Conwyn


Below is an excerpt from lesson 0 video that Jeremy shared above.

How to do a lesson:

  1. Watch the lecture
  2. Run notebook & experiment
  3. Reproduce results
  4. Repeat with different dataset

I also recommend checking out the forum page corresponding to the lesson you are studying. Here is the link to the lesson 1 official topic.


Check this post for learning strategy Learning Strategy for Top Down Approach

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all great replies, especially what @caglar points out from the first lesson.

I’ve had some good results using quizlet (or any flash-card setup) for revision. Here is one I’m making - fastai library flashcards

I go through the content of the lecture and then try to implement the notebooks from fastbook/clean repo back from scratch

Fastbook Clean Repo

This helps bolster concepts taught in the class and ultimately I try using it on a dataset other than the notebooks like Kaggle Housing Prices or Cassava Leaf Detection (also on Kaggle) or the recent Paddy Classification challenge (Also on Kaggle)…

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Watch Jeremy lecture about this topic. I wrote my experience on this topic you may find some tips useful. Always add your uniqueness to it.

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I summarized my process in this blog post and also including the visual lecture notes.