How has your journey been so far, learners?

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #245

Thanks for sharing! FYI there’s a whole thread for sharing your posts, where these might get more attention.

(Brandon) #246

Hey everyone,
I’m Brandon from the US and I have been learning to work as a DS for the last year during and after my masters in Geology and Statistics. I’m taking the course to get better at my stats/machine learning skills as well as learn to use some powerful resource platforms like Paperspace tools and get better at python.

Nice to meet everyone,

(Killdary Aguiar de Santana) #247

Hi everyone,
My name is Killdary, I’m live in Brazil and work in a shoe factory as a system analyst. I recently started a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering and for 3 months I have gone deep in deep learning to be a data scientist. I started because of their excellent proposals and comments on the internet, I hope to learn a lot from you.

See you.

(Raymond) #248

Hi guys,
I am Raymond, I from Banglore, my day job is Applying Reinforcement Learning to Games. After office hours i work on side projects trying to implement published papers in NLP domains. Just started Lesson 1 and setting up PaperSpace VMs. Really excited about this journey.

(Mike Ornstein) #249

I’m Mike. I’m hopeful that this course will help build a background useful for identify opportunities where I can apply Deep Learning in my day job as an aerospace systems engineer in Los Angeles. I’m also eager to meet some good people I can learn along side with!

(Abhishek Sharma) #250

Hello guys,

I’m Abhishek. I’m working as a Data Scientist working in ad tech and hoping to dig deep in Deep Learning to broaden my horizon. Just started Lesson 1 and really liked @jeremy way of teaching, hoping to learn and contribute throughout this journey.


I’m a data-something (scientist? that’s what it says on my business card…) working in education. Currently finishing up a fellowship that ends in August, and taking this course as my (finally) plunge into DL/ML. I’ve pretty much been on the data carpentry, automation, viz and descriptive side of things and it is time to change that…


(Muhriddin Ismoilov) #252


I am Muhriddin, recently finished my CS, and now working as Full-stack developer.
So far interest in Probability Course in University took me through some coursera courses such as ML, where I get core principles of Machine learning and Deep Neural Nets.

Now I started a new journey in and my goal is learning how to solve problems and actually solve them. And work where I love my work.

Happy hacking and kaggling. :smiley:

(Gourav Shaw) #253

Hello Everyone I am Gourav! Hope to learn a lot from all of you…


Hi Everyone,

I’m jcatanz, just started fastai course 1 this week. Grateful to @jeremy and @rachel for creating this deep learning environment!

Just completed my (late) submission to the Kaggle Dog Breeds Identification Challenge, building on Lessons 1 and 2. My first Kaggle competition. I think I’m hooked…


So far, so good! Lot’s to take in but enjoying the knowledge rush. :man_technologist: :robot:

(Naeem Asvat) #256

Greetings fellow youths! :nerd_face:

I’m a corporate finance and economic science graduate from South Africa. Currently studying business and systems analysis honors part-time.

I’m self-studying machine learning and doing what I can to get myself as capable as I can be for a career in data science (and job hunting haha).

This course is honestly so impressive, firstly because it’s so hands-on with making you dive into the deep learning and secondly the community, seriously, any time I get stuck I find some post by a community member to overcome any hurdle.

Anyways that sweet spot of doing and learning is the difference in giving me a reason to complete the content. Before this course, I basically signed up for every machine learning MOOC and they never really worked for me, I found textbooks way easier to grind through. I’d recommend Python Machine Learning Blueprints by Alexander Combs, it’s similar in spirit with the nature of this course in learning by doing.

Cool reading all your stories :slight_smile:

PS: You guys could try using Google Colab notebooks if you need a free GPU.

(P Pavan Kumar) #257

Dear All,
Finally i am starting my Deep learning journey. I am a senior project manager who worked on multiple Dot Net Applications both Desktop and web. I hope to learn and get into the AI world by learning along with all of you.
Looking forward to eventful 2018.

(Harsh Seth) #258

Hi All,

Here to learn more about practical hands-on for Deep learning and I currently work as a data scientist and I am looking forward to learn the practical approach for deep learning.

(Mike) #259

Hi Everyone!

I’m Mike. On self learning path. Interested in extending what I learn here to augment some interests in clinical research. Very grateful for @jeremy and @rachel for making this available.

(Krisztian Kovacs) #260

Hi Everyone,

I’m Kris. Right now I’m living in Thailand, traveling (and studying deep learning on the side :slight_smile: ).

Previously I was working as an actuarial student, specifically modeling survival and life expectancies. I have some machine learning / statistics experience, but never really done deep learning before. So I’m definitely curious!

Thanks for putting together this course!

(John Wu) #261

Hi everyone!

I’m John, a Ph.D. candidate in astrophysics. I’m interested in studying the interstellar medium of other galaxies to understand how they have formed and continue to evolve.

I’ve completed Andrew Ng’s ML Coursera and have had a little bit of experience tinkering with deep learning. It would be great to have some more hands on experience with building neural nets and applying them to problems in astronomy (e.g., mitigating radio frequency interference).


(Yi peng Neo) #262

Hi, looking to pick up DL and then RL and apply it to financial markets :slight_smile:

(Thalanayar Muthukumar) #263

I want to be able to build an application that uses Deep Learning and be able to deploy it quickly. As I learn more DL techniques, I would like to refine the application. Is anyone aware of a Flask/python application that can use image recognition using DL. Also, I started on and would like to find a study buddy

(Thalanayar Muthukumar) #264

It is interesting to see that you have a specific area (astrpohysics) where you would like to apply this. All the best on your journey