How has your journey been so far, learners?

(Ankit) #225

Hello Everyone,

I am working in Bangalore in the Banking Industry. I have been working in analytics (or something close to this) for the past five years now. I have been trying to get myself more immersed in the field of Machine learning over the last two years through different online courses. I have spend considerable amount of time on both of the Andrew NGs courses - Machine Learning and Deep
I started my journey through the book - Introduction to Statistical Learning, which was also helpful in getting a hang of R at that time.
Lately I found that I have hit a roadblock with so many things to learn, and I guess this course came up in one of the Medium blogs so I am giving this a try. Hope I also find it as useful as some of you guys!
All the best to you all with your future Endeavors in ML and AI.

(Medhir Bhargava) #226


I am a full-stack web developer in Seattle, WA with ~4 years of on and off coding experience. I’m starting this course just out of personal interest… I don’t have much of a background in ML/DL, but since it’s becoming so widely used I think it’s important to have a cursory understanding.

I’m particularly interested in pushing forward the discussion on the ethics of Deep Learning applications and whether or not we have an obligation to explain to the layperson how these models actually work + are being used.

I’m also learning Blender for artistic pursuits and am hoping to use some of the knowledge gained here to produce some interesting visuals using style transfer techniques.



It has been good. The most frustrating thing is this forum. New users need to spend 10 min reading 3 posts to post. I have a burning question that I need help with and I have been reading posts for help without registering. So this means that when I actually need to post, I don’t get to when I first register. I think this is a really bad rule and it’s much better just to limit new user’s post cooldown times, rather than outright not letting them post.

(Jan Van de Poel) #228

Hi everyone,

I’m a Xamarin mobile app developer with a computer science background. I started in Machine Learning a couple of months ago and already took the Coursera course on Machine Learning and deeplearningai.

While I’m exploring I’m trying to write down my experiences on a small blog which already contains my reviews of Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning Introduction and the Deep Learing Specialization on Coursera.

Once I finish fastai, I’ll be sure to add a review as well.

Looking forward to learning and meeting new people!


(Pawel C) #229

Hello everyone,

My name is Pawel and I’m a former DevOps Engineer from Gdansk, Poland. Recently I came to a conclusion that working with infrastructure on a daily basis isn’t something I truly enjoy. I’m currently looking to change my specialization to a more ML oriented one.

I have already completed Andrew Ng’s course on Coursera. Now I’m looking into starting my journey with fastai, as it was highly recommended by several commenters on Hacker News. I’m currently on a career break, so can devote my full attention to learning the material in depth.

Looking forward to completing the course!


(Vick) #230

I’m just joining today now that the version 2 of part 1 has been unofficially released.

I’m a business analyst working in financial firm. Deep knowledge of finance from Front to back office to various products and different trade life cycle.

I plan to use ML for portfolio optimization.

(Shivshankar) #231

Hi all!

This is Shiv from Singapore. I am a post-doc (research scientist) in bioinformatics. Love the idea behind this course. Eager to learn, unlearn and relearn these techniques to add insights esp for biology and healthcare businesses :slight_smile:

Have a great time learning and growing!


(Rajdeep Singh) #232

Hi all,
My name is Rajdeep. I am in the last year of my computer science undergrad. I have been working on android apps for the past 2 years during my free time.
Now looking forward to get in the AI journey with deep learning and this amazing course.

(Said Aspen) #233

Hi everyone!

Capital Markets consultant and entrepreneur by day and software aficionado by night (or actually by morning, when no one else have gotten out of bed yet).
I am here to appease my curiosity.
Who knows where this leads. Here to enjoy the ride.


Went through both parts 1 and 2 last year but am interested in seeing the improvement in this years lessons. Watched the new lesson 1 and the delivery is brilliant. Have a background in coding although not working at that now. Like to get my hands dirty, have been a self learner all my life, gained qualifications in both academic and correspondence environments and always learning something new. Taken many Coursera course relating to Data Science including the Washington Deep Learning Specialisation which was cut short, the Capstone Project and one other module was cancelled when Carlos Guestrin became AI director at Apple. Anyway glad to meet you all and hope I can contribute again to this endeavour. I am from the North West of England.

(Nick) #235

Hi All,

I work as a data analyst in the financial sector and am really interested in machine learning and deep learning. I’ve always felt stuck when trying to get into deep learning via the “math first approach” and am really excited about this course’s approach.

Looking forward to learning more and completing the course!

(Sanjiv Soni) #236

Hey Everyone

I am Sanjiv, working as a Data Scientist at a Sports Wearable startup based out of Bangalore, India. We are solving problems using machine learning and planing to dive into deep learning. I am really excited to learn from this course. Looking forward to a great experience !

(Ralph) #237

Hi everyone.

Deep learning is something I have been tentatively considering getting into for maybe 2-3 years now. Last year I began my journey by following one of those blog posts that insisted on mastering core fundamentals such as algorithms, differential calculus, linear algebra, and python. It all felt quite daunting at that time, but the field fascinates me, and I was committed to learning.

Around January I became quite eager to get into the actual subject matter, so I started reading an online book called Neural Networks and Deep Learning. I also stated learning TensorFlow and following a course on MIT OpenCourseWare about AI. I started to feel like I was learning the basics, but when I did struggle, it was difficult to find an active community to engage with for guidance.

A few days ago however, I discovered fastai. The very first lecture of the Deep Learning For Coders course dispelled a lot of the conventional wisdom around entering this industry that I had gathered. I am excited at prospect of writing industry-standard CNNs and all the best practices of the fields. I’m also excited to have finally found a seemingly active community to learn from and along side of.



I have gotten back to coding after a long while- 10 years to be exact. Seeing how much tech has changed, find it quite exciting. Finished lesson 1 and am loving it. Learnt of fastai while trying to read up on ML and have known since then that this is the Deep Learning tutorial I want to do.

Look forward to going through all the remaining lessons.

(Flaviu Cipcigan) #239


My name is Flaviu, a physicist and one of Forbes’ 30 under 30. I have experience in molecular simulation of matter, but starting to broaden into applications of AI to healthcare. I currently focus on designing new antibiotics via computer simulation and AI.

I’m also interested in education, having experience in university teaching and having previously organised a science and science communication summer school. Thus, I’m not only interested in the content of the course but also in the method of delivery, as I am in a believer of Jeremy and Rachel’s methods of teaching.

I also have experience and interest at the interface between science and art. I have worked with artists on exploring this boundary andcreating artworks, which include music composed using basic machine learning and premiered by leading Scottish ensemble.

Looking forward to working through the course and interacting with the community here!


Hi all,

This is Woody from Hong Kong. I’ve no CS background and no programming experience. Just really curious about Deep Learning. I totally understand my background would make my journey very tough. Hopefully I will not give up very soon haha.

Good luck!:hugs:

(pradla) #241


I am here to learn deep learning and machine learning. I have been working in ‘analytics’ space for a few years now and doing this course to upskill myself. By the end of this course I hope to be able to be quite proficient in the techniques so I can use them in the research projects I am pursuing.



This is KS from Hong Kong. I’ve a graduate degree in statistics and a first degree in finance. No fundamental background in CS but have done a quite lot of coding in R and Rcpp in my previous research. Hope to get some hand-on experience in deep learning and land a job in machine learning / deep learning research. Nice to meet you all.


(MTAU) #243

I started my machine learning journey in 2017, initially in the R language via the John Hopkins Machine Learning speciality, later in python with other MOOCs and in late 2017 migrated to deep learning with the previous incarnation of this part 1 course.

Back in 2018 to see what the pytorch based implementation is like.

also blogging on medium, these two articles might be useful for those attempting to fast track setting jupyter up on AWS.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #244

Congrats on your recognition! I think you’ll find your physics background ideal for this field. :slight_smile: