How has your journey been so far, learners?

(oscar) #204

Hello, I am a PLC programmer and I would like to apply deep learning models in industrial automation environments for process improvement, predictive maintenance and artificial vision. I’m finishing the specialized course in deep learning of Andrew Ng and this is the next step on my way.

Greetings from Valencia (Spain).


Hey! I am Benoit, currently based in Valencia (Spain).

I come from a software engineering background (backend), recently took a break to study Economics & Data Science, which brought me to follow up Andrew Ng Machine Learning course on Coursera, and now getting more into practice with courses.

Planning to finish these courses and put my skills into practice in real-world projects in 2018.

(Thanks for the great resources btw Jeremy & Rachel!)


Hey @oscar and @Victor1, apparently we’re 3 people based in Valencia following this course. Maybe you guys want to meet for a coffee so we can talk about our progress / why we’re studying this? :slight_smile:

Contact me if you want to meet, I’ll make a group for the 3 of us:

(Antonio Ferraro) #207

Hi all,
my name is Antonio, I am Italian and I live in Belgium. I am passionate about Data Science and Machine Learning. I have a Computer Science degree (roughly equivalent to a MS) and over 26 years experience in various roles of IT, of which I always preferred those where software development was included. I have taken the DS specialization on Coursera, the ML from Andrew Ng and many more from Coursera and other platforms. Just yesterday I ended up here while looking for the next MOOC. I found this approach absolutely great: Put things in practice, get a feel for the most recent development and assess where you are with your understanding of the subjects. Thanks guys!

(Darren Jones) #208

Hello All.
My name’s Darren. I’ve been learning Python for about 8 months, and wanting eventually to get into ML, but have been spending time every day trying to get my maths up to scratch (I’m 46, and only had high-school maths 30 years ago…), as the books I started reading on ML showed me that I needed maths before anything else…

So I’ve been pleased to find this (yesterday, saw a link from HN and a number of very positive reviews). Hoping to learn a lot; the machine setup side of things was easy enough (I’ve been running Linux on a home server since around 2000, and I’ve dabbled with linux and various programming languages on and off over the last 20 years or so), and most of the programming in the first lesson seemed easy enough (plus I’ve used Jupyter Notebooks a fair bit already on my Python journey), but I think I’ll have to re-watch some parts several times; I was surprised that the class seemed to take in the functions that Jeremy went through without any questions, so I guess they are a -lot- more advanced than me… Anyway… thanks to Jeremy and Rachel for the course and everyone else who has added something - hopefully I’ll be able to make head or tail of it!

(Shiwei) #210

Hi all, my name is Shiwei, software developer from Calgary, Canada.

I started learning ML a few months ago, work during the day and study at night after kids went to bed(as a good father you must have your time with you kids :-)) .Although feel tired sometimes, it’s a interesting journey for me to learning something new everyday. As others, I watched ML course of Andre Ng’s, read Deep Learning book of Goodfellow’s, search online any resource that I can learn from. It seems that I have learned something about ML, but I cannot do anything with what I have learned(It’s purely theory only).

Luckly I found this course from YouTube searching.I finished Part 1 lessons, this course is amazing, thanks to @jeremy and @rachel for your efforts put into this fabulous course.


Hi Everyone…
I’m an entrepreneur from Brussels, Belgium and had software and telecom companies. I’ve worked a many years in different countries in Africa. My interest in ML (neural networks) dates since the 1990s already and I regained interest again since a few years. I’ve “played” with different frameworks like Theano, Tensorflow and Keras but my favorite is Pytorch, hence the reason to choose this course. I expect to fill some gaps in my knowledge and eventually start a new venture soon. I have a few business idea’s but nothing’s concrete yet. Would love to share idea’s and experiences with fellow students.
Thanks @jeremy and @rachel for your efforts!


Sorry for the delay. I’m finishing the Deep Learning Coursera specialization, waiting for the final course, the one I am more interested in. It is more related to audio, sound and speech. I expect to come back to Fast AI then.

Are you following the course with a virtual machine or with your own computer. I am thinking about accquiring a dedicated machine, not too expensive, just to start trying the thinks we learn.


OK nice!

I am using both my laptop (GTX 850M) and taking advantage of the $300 free Google Cloud credit for new users, where I am using a VM (Tesla K80).

If you plan to do intensive ML, buying your own hardware is probably a good idea (although I think you’ll still need access to cloud services occasionally for some use-cases, like heavy memory use computations).

(John Erb) #214

I am excited to be starting this deep learning course and taking the follow-on course as well. I previously went through a Coursera machine learning certificate program so I am familiar with ML concepts, but not extremely confident in applying those lessons. Have been playing with DL using Tensorflow, Theano, Keras, and PyTorch for about a year. I am feeling good that is going to help me take the next step with practical information. Mostly interested in applying ML and DL to robotics.

Good luck to everyone.

(Henk Mulder) #215

Hi all,
I’ve done a couple of MOOC AI courses with Andrew Ng and Jeffrey Hinton. I saw this course and like the approach. I was actually looking for language processing and RNNs and look forward to those lessons.

(Andrei Mircea) #216

Hello, I’m Andrei from Canada.
The diversity of backgrounds and nationalities here is incredible!
I’m really excited to learn in a hands-on and collaborative way with you all.
In particular, I’m looking forward to understanding state-of-the-art methods and being able to apply/modify them for my area of interest: NLP for scientific literature.


(Patrick Mccaffrey) #217

Hi all,

I’m Patrick from Auckland, New Zealand.

I started fast ai because i love the approach (hands on and top down). I have only been coding for 2 years, I have been working as a full stack developer for the past year ( and still feel like an imposter sometimes). Before that I primarily learnt to code using FreeCodeCamp and have found that practical projects has been the most effective way for me to learn.

I hope for this course to help me break into the field of machine learning

(Gavin) #218


Gavin from Perth, Western Australia. I’m an automation engineer working in mineral processing, mining and utilities, and I’ve been interested in ML/DL for a while now. I started the V1 course and managed to build a few projects using AWS and Raspberry PI’s. I went back to finish the course and found V2 had been launched, so here I am!

I attend the Perth Machine Learning Group Meetup when time permits, and I’m developing a couple of DL-based solutions for industrial automation applications.

Looking forward to going through the V2 course. My LinkedIn profile is here and Twitter handle is @gavin_strack.


(Minh Nguyen) #219

Hello Everyone!

I am Minh Nguyen from Singapore. I’m a data scientist working on machine prognosis and aviation safety. I have finished Udacity Self-driving Car nanodegree, and now only my way to explore other cool stuffs. Nice to meet you all :smile:


(Dave Nguyen) #220

Hi everyone, I’m Dave Nguyen, a grad student currently living in Houston.

My research interest is mostly on cloud and system research. One of my idea is to find out if I can make ML/DL, especially real time learning, be faster by offloading computation to nearby machines.

Taking this class is the first step.


(Anant) #221

Hi everyone,

I’m Anant. So excited to be here.

I’m a semiconductors professional (7 years) looking to transition into the AI/ML/DL space. I’ll admit I sometimes get nervous about being late to the game, and then I also realize this is an emerging discipline. Either way, my time over the last couple of months has been spent on researching resources to learn from, and what to learn, and how to apply myself.

I have understood the importance of "thinking in AI’, which essentially means writing poetry (applications) from the words (basic ML/DL like validation, training; Python) so that I can truly become an AI engineer.

I completed 6 weeks of Andrew Ng’s Coursera ML course before getting a little restless, as I wanted to get to building my portfolio to show myself the fruits of what I’m learning.

This is where fastai’s top-down approach syncs perfectly with where I’m at.

Looking forward to discussing and making new connections - in my own neural networks, in the NNs I play with, and with the rest of you.


(Jasmine Goel) #222

Hi all,

My name is Jasmine and I am from Bangalore.
I work as Research and Design Engineer in Semiconductor Industry.

I am very excited about the impact that is driven by data and intelligent machines. That is how I started my machine learning journey.
I have just completed my Lesson 1 of Deep Learning for Coders Part 1. It feels great.

I have completed few other Courses such as - Machine Learning by Andrew NG , Statistical Learning by Stanford (by Trevor Hastie and Rob Tibshirani) and participated in few competitions. I have worked on few projects on my own, along with these courses.

I want to contribute towards projects such as Object and Human Pose Recognition and Tracking, Structure from Motion, Object Detection in Videos and live 3D reconstruction.

Other areas of interest are - if Air Quality can be monitored and improved using Data.
if Data can be used for developing infrastructure in villages and many more.

Solving problems like these excite me.

During my free time, I volunteer with few NGOs in my locality. I also run a volunteer group, which supports social initiatives for raising funds and volunteers.

Looking forward to learn from and contribute to community.


  • Jasmine

(Tamilazhagagan) #223

I am Tamil(yes my name) from Singapore. I have around 18 years of IT experience but new to Machine learning and AI. I have completed Machine Learning MOOC and so excited to start with this course as the approach is so suitable for me .


(Vikas Bahirwani) #224

Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to read the stories and introductions here. I am a Software Engineer at Microsoft (6 years). My master’s (2008) was in Machine Learning. I have a strong history of delivering products/services, however; since my M.S. I have only had what I call “flirtations” with ML based projects. My goal here is to refocus my career towards applied ML and DL.

What I have discovered during this shift is that there are a lot of opportunities. But during my interviews the feedback that I received was that I had theoretical knowledge but lacked hands-on ML experience.

With this course, I want to change that storyline by using it as a jumpstart to regular pet projects, Kaggle competitions and developing a personal branding that interviewers can checkout anytime (ref: Making Peace with Personal Branding)

I was referred to this course by mentors and colleagues , as well as my twin who is a huge fan of @jeremy and this course.

Looking forward to an exciting journey ahead.

Vikas Bahirwani