How has your journey been so far, learners?

(Roberto Munoz) #265

Hi there,

I’m Roberto Muñoz and I’m currently living in Chile. I have a PhD in Astrophysics and I’m currently applying ML techniques for processing astronomical data. I discovered @fastai last week and I very like the idea of building a community for advancing the fields of machine learning and deep learning.

I have created some content about data science for spanish speakers, take a look and use them if you want


(Bhargav Kowshik) #266


I am Bhargav from Bengaluru, India. I started with version 1 of part 1 of the course last year but did not complete. Something I realized over the last few months is to look at learning as a marathon of months instead of as a sprint of a couple of hours. So, this time around, I am planning to learn the materials not in a weekend or two but actually over a period of 100 days.

It’s been three days now and I feel like I am making good progress with lesson 1 materials. Over the next few days, I plan to build a good learning cadence that will stay with me for the next 100 days. Super excited to learn and apply Deep Learning to problems I see and experience in day-to-day life. Will keep you all posted about my journey.

Thank you Jeremy, Rachel and the amazing community. :pray:

Thank you,

(Joseph Woodson) #267

Hey I’m Joey. I currently work as a Software Engineer at Google for an internal apps development framework. Though my job does not involve ML/DL at the moment, I am interested in the topic in general so I am taking as well as a few other MOOCs to get up to speed for my own personal enrichment.

(Marc Rostock) #268

I am Marc from Munich/Germany and started on the DL1 course this week.
I have recently quit my job in order to dedicate the next 3-6 months to explore and learn about ML/DL/AI, ideally using those skills later to feed my family, although I do not have a CS or DS background. :wink:
I am especially interested in applying DL to energy management/efficiency/forecasting topics and other timeseries data.
Looking forward to my journey!

I absolutely love the top down and “results first!” approach of the course, thanks Jeremy and Rachel for creating this and letting us in on all your insights and “tricks”.

(Carlos Vouking) #269

Hi Marc, I live in the flemish side of Belgium and just started working with fastai; and it’s incredible the potential behind the knowlegde that @jeremy and @rachel gracefully and kindly offer us; Thank you so much.
Within few weeks of starting (still at lesson 3), I already think of few possible tangible projects to implement, among with a language model sustaining some of our African dialects.

(Ananth Majumdar) #270

Hi I’m a software engineer working on web applications and web services. I got interested in AI with AlphaGo and AlphaZero. I have also taken the ML course by Andrew Ng in Coursera and I want to get into to this field excited by the possibilities. So trying to learn the theory and practice of AI. Thanks for making the course Jeremy and Rachel and for the great community! :pray:


So many good resources out there in mid 2018 but the best advice is still find a niche industry you are expert / competent / passionate about and make these tools work in an original, marketable way to stand out from the crowd!

(Daniel N. Lang) #272

Hi Marc, very interesting. I intend to do the same: deep-dive into AI for 6-12 months beginning in September (when my current job runs out). I’m from Stuttgart. Please let me know if you’re interested in working together - I have some practical use cases in mind already :smiley:

(Marc Rostock) #273

Hi Daniel, sounds great, lets get in touch via private messages etc. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

(Kevin J Crosby) #274

My interest in neural networks began in 1975 when I entered kindergarten already reading the newspaper and learned about cyborgs from the government. In 1988 when the University of Washington adviser asked me to choose a major, I said cyborgs, and then had to explain it to him as remote-controlled people. They didn’t offer any classes like that back then, but 25 years later the school published their EEG brain-to-brain interface allowing one person’s thoughts to control another person’s actions. In the meantime, despite being ordered by the Department of Defense in February 1997 to stand down when I tried to discuss cyborgs, they heeded my concerns to make cloning newsworthy, lifted the news blackout covering Dolly the sheep with legislation to follow, and eventually in 2005 my paper was credited as the basis for the Wikipedia article about brain implants.

Just before I was so rudely forced out of school by skeletons from the closet, I was going to port my professor’s neural network music conducting gaming glove interface from Mac to Windows. Over the years I kept an eye on the technology, and when Stanford published their lectures on stochastic gradient descent, the process just screamed for improvement; still does: the engine requires eyeballing the best slope to minimize the loss function when that process could surely be automated by a programmer versed in Calculus.

Upon discovering at 11pm the other night and burning through most of my Crestle’s free hour watching the first lecture with the clock ticking, I was hooked after the Cat v Dog lesson, and went way overboard trying to buy a GPU system without any advice. Suffice it to say, when my baby Alien arrives on the doorstep, I’m sending it back to planet Dell. Otherwise, I’ve made it my mission to find the best Deep Learning computer system build for the starving student, and along the way, hopefully finding folks to build them. Word on the street is that computer salespeople are being asked more and more about AI systems over gaming.


(I see three (3) local minimums in the pictured data.)

(Huiming Sun) #275

haha, i am a chinese student which major is i start to learn dl.nice to meet you!

(Huiming Sun) #276

hi everyone
I am a student from China who major in traffic. I want to try new skills in studying. Last day I have seen somebody use fast ai in a kaggle competition. That’s really cool. So I google it, and then I watch videos on youtube. The teacher is really nice to help me a lot in dl. Though my English is not good i can still use youtube to transform English into Chinese. (Chines government is really stupid and selfish so that I have trouble to google sometimes) Well, I want to study with others and improve myself and leave Communist Party of China‘s control.

(Brandon Hideo Wolfson) #277

Hi, I’m a UCLA math student who’s interested in machine learning

(Akash Palrecha) #278

Hey everyone!
I’m a second year undergraduate student at BITS Pilani, India. I’ll be majoring in EEE with a masters degree in mathematics.
At this point, I’ve only recently completed Andrew Ng’s Machine learning course on coursera. I want to get into deep learning primarily because of it’s applications in computer vision and ability to generalise to a lot of real world issues.
I do not have a really strong programming background at this point, although I feel it comes naturally to me.
But I feel kind of intimidated after seeing the kind of people who are following this course. Almost everyone here is already a college graduate and has some work experience in a technical job (or some other job). The only things I have already done are:

  1. A bit of python
  2. A bit of C
  3. Andrew Ng’s course on machine learning.
    I feel this might be a bit less qualified for this course.
    I have a bit of fear that I’m going to find it hard to cope up with this course given how smart everyone already is here. I hope I’m wrong.
    Regardless, I hope I can complete this course within three months at least!

(adrian) #279

@akashpalrecha Posting this is a great start. I think Jeremy mentioned in part 2 2018 first lesson was that the most important factor on your succes at dl is persistence.
I would give yourself permission to make mistakes, get stuck and not to expect to become an expert in 3 months (or even a year).
Start small, and try applying what you learn to interesting projects. Thats at least how I approach learning new skills

(Elvin Wong) #280

Try to understand and explore the capability of machine learning and how possibly that I could apply it. I believe learning from Kaggle winner (Jeremy) definitely could give me a clear practical point of view of ML. I wish I would get an overall picture at the end of this course. And much appreciated to make it available as a free MOOC. Thanks!

(Tabish) #281

Hello I am Tabish Shaikh, currently in my 3rd year of undergraduate studies in computer science at IIT Jammu. I recently finished machine learning course by andrew ng and began to do this course deep learning by fastai part 1

(Rahmatallah Tarik) #282

Hello I am Tarik. I think machines recognizing cats is really cool stuff, and having some coding background I decided to take this course. I just went through the initial setup and the first lesson’s notebook. It looks great so far! :smile:


Hello learners! This is Vineeth. I’m here to explore the awesome world of Deep Learning. I want to learn deep learning and apply it to see what real problems can it really solve. Excited! Curious!

Happy Learning everyone!

(Richard Reis) #284

Hey everyone! My name is Richard.

I wanted to know more about ML/DL to find out what new things can be done/ built that weren’t possible before.

These are exctinig times! And I’m happy to be part of this community :smile: