Help us test new video player

With thanks to @zachcaceres, we now have the video player with searchable transcripts on the course-v3 web-site. We’re hoping to release the new course to the public tomorrow. Please help us test it and reply here with any issues you find! :slight_smile:

You can access it by clicking any “lesson” link in the sidebar at . Please don’t post about this outside of this forum category until after the official course release (which will be announced here).

Known issues

  • Transcript search scrollbars are messed up on Chrome for Windows

Not sure if it’s a laptop or a website issue. I tested using Firefox for Windows. The site loads up but video links only show a blue screen[snapshot attached]-


Transcript scrollbar issue but otherwise good for Chrome on Win7. Blue screen for IE on Win7.

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On lesson 2 to test the “search transcript” functionality I searched “computer vis” for computer vision as it’s one of the first words you say. There was result corresponding to the time you say “computer vision applications” in the first few seconds. Don’t know if it’s voluntary or not to exclude the first seconds, but letting you know.

Also more of an UX thing : I don’t know if there’s somewhere you point out there’s a “search transcript” functionality, I only saw the search bar because you mentioned it here. But maybe it’s intentional to make it quite discrete :slight_smile:

Cool that this course will soon appear to the public. I enjoyed it very much and I think there will be many others who will enjoy it.

On my Windows (surface) Chrome:

  • I don’t see the searchbox on lesson 4 and 7.
  • When you switch between the lessons the searchbox is not emptied, but this might be convenient :slight_smile:
  • With lesson 3 you might remove the link to the under the ‘Other resources’.

Search bar doesn’t let me scroll down. Running chrome on mac os.

  • The transcript search results get cut visually on the second line
  • If there are many search results, they get listed horizontally and extend even behind and beyond the right side panel

Tested on Ubuntu, Firefox 64.0

similar on safari for iOS 12.0 (ipad 2018), here the results appear behind the video and the searchbox half on top of it.

Tested on Chrome, Ubuntu 18.04.
1.Search Transcript box and textbar need to be fixed (from Lesson 1 - Lesson 6)

  1. The same box missing in Lesson 7

Sorry, these are the known issues (overlooked it on top), except these everything looks good

The reason that lesson 4 and 7 search boxes are missing is that the Youtube transcripts for those lessons did not work for some reason. I’ve also tried submitting the files to Google and AWS speech APIs, and get garbage results in both cases. Not sure what’s going on with those files!..


The other issues mentioned here should be resolved now. Let me know if anything is still not working right for anyone. is redirected to and previous contents (part1 and part2 v2 and Machine Learning courses) are all gone!

They’re now at , which is the first thing that mentions.

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Thanks, actually Lesson Links are broken in this About the Part 2 & Alumni (2018) category
will edit this.

Thanks that’s very helpful.

update those, now working fine.

Hi Jeremy,

Thank you so much for your awesome courses,

I want to start with deep learning, which course should I start with? the 2019 or 2018 version? the topic of their lessons seems to be different.

by the way, what happened for ml course? I just finished the lesson 7 and now the page is changed and there is no access to ml lessons.

Thank you

You should do the 2019 course.

The ML site is here:

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On my Ubuntu 18.04 with Firefox the ‘Search transcript’ is bit annoyingly on top of the controls. However, I can manage with keyboard controls if it’s not the same for others.


EDIT: Ok. Switching to full-screen makes the problem go away.

hey @marcmuc , are you still seeing that horizontal overflow bug?

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