Help us test new video player

thanks for all the feedback! if you’re into design/front-end development, the video browser still needs a lot of love to make it a great experience across browsers/screen sizes – a good way to make some OSS contributions this year :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late reply. Yes, the new “hoverbox” fixes the overflow issue on both firefox and ipad/safari, so definitely improved. I really like the project, thanks again!!

two little things:
I have horizontal and vertical scrollbars on the full page, no matter what size the screen, so something is off with the sizing (firefox64.0 on ubuntu)
When scrolling the page within these confines, the “X” for closing the search result overlay remains frozen in position, so it hovers fixed related to the page/viewport, not to the overlay box.

ah, scrollbars are easy to fix, just give the search box a little more space from the bottom. It currently sits at 5px, on my screen from 12px onwards it is good (but this might depend on system font etc. so maybe just bump it to 20px or so.)

I started off on the v2 course a couple days before you launched v3 and I have to say that the new player is a huge improvement. I was constantly shrinking/maximizing the YouTube player with the previous layout. This one is comfortably large enough to follow without having to maximize and cover up the written material.

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Hi. I do not see the transcript icon for lesson 4 (to display subtitles).

We don’t have a transcript for lessons 4 or 7 as yet - sorry!

@rachel @zachcaceres @marcmuc The subtitles generated automatically by Google, not necessarily completely accurate, but can refer to it, I am willing to do the same thing for lesson7. I just don’t know how the subtitles will let everyone see it.What things I needed to do,sorry I don’t actually understand the “make a pull request to repo”,just new hand. Could you help me?

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The subtitle problem I noticed has been resolved because Jeremy re-uploaded the video.

Lesson 4 recorded voice issue in video


Hi Cain,

Am I understanding correctly that you have a transcript for lesson 7?

Yes, because the previous 4th and 7th lessons uploaded to YouTube could not generate subtitles, so I made subtitles through atuosub, but now I don’t need it. Jeremy re-uploaded the videos of these two courses, solved the subtitle problem, you You can check it out on YouTube.