Generating image datasets quickly

(Theodoros Galanos) #1

Hello everyone!

I was going to start my second pass on the fastai course yesterday and wanted to follow through the courses with my own case studies this time. While that hasn’t been difficult for structured data (my work involves a lot of that) or language models (shockingly there’s a lot of text out there for all of us), it has been a bit trickier for image datasets.

Yesterday I found a really easy way of going about that. It was all possible with the google images downloader firefox addon:

This amazing little addon allows you to download ALL images on a google image search with the press of a button, even providing a text file including all image links. I know there’s probably dozens of ways to scrape images off the net, but this one was the most satisfying I’ve found to date and wanted to share.

As an example, in a matter of 20 mins I had 12,500 images of different architectural practices (around 700 images of buildings from ~20 firms) for my ‘architect studio classification’ project.

Hope this is useful to some of you!

Kind regards,

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(Sudeep) #2

Thanks! I tried this extension and it seems to work, but it only downloaded around 80 images for the search term I had. Any suggestions on how to get it to grab more results for the same search term?

(chandan) #3

this has been super helpfull, thanks a lot and kudos to dev of add on.:vulcan_salute:

(chandan) #4

just scroll to end of images and preview 1000-2000 images before hitting image will download all of em.


Add this chrome extension, it’s the easiest way I found up to now, as of Feb 2019

Hope this helps anybody who came here looking for such an approach.


The firefox addon “Save Images” works wonders but only works on older versions of Firefox,like Waterfox.